Sunday, September 13, 2009

we can be friends.

We can be friends if you want to
There’s a friendship waiting to be
We can be friends if you want to
Take my hand, be friends with me
-Beautiful People; Jason Upton

God is all about making the outcasts part of the family.
He’s all about bringing the unwanted into the gathering of blood relatives. He took the Gentiles and accepted them along with His Chosen people. Jesus’ sacrifice made the walls fall.
It’s us that is the problem—we hold on to the borders and lines and separators, no matter that we have a problem with segregation in church. We segregate our family, our friends, and everyone outside and inbetween.
God takes us side by side with the drug dealer-slash-human-seller who just dedicated his life to Jesus and His Way.
We love our families. God calls us to bring non-blood relatives into our circles of family, to take them in as He takes us in. He calls us to love, to show His Love, to embrace the outcasts and friends as He embraces us.
The world loves its own. We love our own. Jesus’ Way calls us to Love without inhibitions, which is something the world does not do—love with no conditions on it. No reasons to love, but still loving. The world does not know how to do that. In fact, we will only know how to do that if we fully accept His Love for us, and read His word and talk to Him, and focus on Him and… live as He did. He lives through us.
We live because of Him.
How can we take that and run with it? Go deep into the dirty parts of humanity and the cities we live in and around but stay away from.
Love with no reasons. No chance of them giving anything back. That is Jesus’ Love. Clothe the naked. Feed the hungry. Give water to those who thirst.

Love with no reason, no condition other than that He loves us like that, so why not? It’s hard, but then… life’s hard, and we’re called to this. It’s hard but good. why not have good with the hard?