Friday, November 20, 2009

love never fails

Love still believes when you don't . . .
It's truth: we are all broken. We are hurting. We callous ourselves, but we're bruised every day.
It's the truth. And we must see it in the middle of our oceans of pain, that He is our only saving grace.
Our only saving grace.
Our only hope of feeling not alone.

Because He suffered too. He hurt, too. He was in pain, has felt it most intensely.
And in the pain, maybe we can know that He loves us? That He sees us in our mire, that He feels it all with us, the ripping of our hearts, the bleeding our souls do behind closed doors and open doors alike.
And He loves us.
Love never fails you . . .

Life is not for living depressed and letting everything get to you 24-7, but rather to hold onto His hand, and follow Him through it all.

Italics are lyrics from Love Never Fails, by Brandon Heath