Wednesday, June 15, 2011

hillsong united concert. and rambles on time.

you don't mind if you get a bit of picture overload, do you?
nah. didn't think so.
just to make a note of it, 99.9% of these were taken by my rachel, with her nikon that she recently got, and loves.
i just thought i'd throw that in there, because she'd want it that way. ;)
and for the fact that my camera's battery died probably half an hour into the actual concert.
ah well.
only 30 pictures taken? psh, i'll live.
there were, on our row of friends alone, 5 cameras working.
casey, steph, rachel, michaela, and i.
so yeah. no lack there. ;)
heather, casey, me, anna, steph, michaela's hand and camera, and rach taking the picture.
behind us, mrs. e. and our mom; ben and caleb.
enjoy the pictures:)

 the whole thing was just . . . amazing.
the worship: wondrous.
there was one song, every person voicing melodies of ohhhh
the ceiling so far above us. 
so many people gathered.
so much going on.
people singing.
all for love.
the air was just . . . filled . . . with adoration. worship. surrender.
moments like that drew your heart out.
the deeper places.
and, in some cases, makes you cry.
how many things, how many times, how many people, how many moments doing what
what pulls at you? 
His love.
and what you were created for?
the things He made in you, resonating, growing, stretching into fuller potential every other moment.
creating you to be who you were meant to be.
what you were meant to do.
it happens both in the obvious moments, the grand ones, the small, utterly quiet ones.
some of you know what i'm talking about.
others, well, you're just beginning to think you understand what i'm trying to get at.

when will His kingdom come?
in those moments that song filled, it felt as if it had come.
then and there.
i know it was just one element, one place it stretched through the layer of time and earthly boundaries.

 casey: having fun.
and now, because i'm randomly going to do this, here's a slideshow of.....every picture. plus a few i hijacked from casey's facebook album of the night. :) the group ones at the end, if you really wanted to know.
oh, and one last one from casey's album:

i have theories about this guy.
he wears the glasses and shaggy hair to cover his attractiveness. but nevermind that. and the fact that aussies have wonderful accents. and it's just so beautiful when they also love Jesus, too.
this song . . . with all that's going on right now, makes me hold my breath. stare at beauty. stare at life. old and new. disintegrating; coming together. this song tugs at my heart. makes me long for home. that's the straight up truth. so you'll be seeing it posted again and again. just to warn you.

 on the way home, around 11:30pm.
mhmmm. tired.
after we took these pictures with rach's cam, i put my head on ben's shoulder and we both tried to doze on the trip home.
sarah's key.
in other news, anna just finished this book and told me to read it. dad's next:)
they're making it into a movie. it's coming out in a few months.
and i guess . . . it's heartbreaking.
i'm not one to check out spoilers. but anna does, after she reads the book.
i want to say thank you so much to those of you who read and commented on the post yesterday.
it's a deep, long, and strange valley. one that seems to be, even in this past week, closer to the end than the beginning. on a day like this, overcast and cool, raindrops here and there . . .

i have a feeling i'm not the only one thinking it. mom's taking a walk with gram in the reclining wheelchair, asleep. with the youngsters --lyddie and danny-- on a bike and wagon behind.
a lovely little walk.
time is a funny thing.


Alyssa Rae said...

glad you had a fun night:P

Oh Mandie said...

looks like it was an amazing night!

heart like mine said...

this post was incredible.
i love that paragraph about all those moments where His love pulls...stretches...resonates...
and feeling as though His kingdom had come? WOW. there is nothing better than that...the incredible joy...the tears...God is so dang good, i can't get over it.
and it was all so beautifully written--took my breath away.

i'm really glad you posted about your gram. it's hard to say anything because really, what is the right thing to say? life is so hard sometimes. but your writing in that post was fantastic, also. very real. very much like a great novel, a story i'd like to read. captivating and bittersweet.

time is hard. i hope you are doing okay<3

Christina said...

I finally got to listen to both songs. I hadn't heard them yet! I guess I haven't heard a lot of their newer stuff. I absolutely love the songs!!!!