this is me. january 2012. just so ya know. hi.
God: i live for Him, to show my love for Him. He's my strength, peace, and joy in this crazy place called earth, life, and surviving. time spent with Him makes it feel not so much a survival as a journey that is rough and beautiful and so worth it.

good coffee: i'm obsessed. i'm...a coffee snob. i won't list off brands i hate/love, but i'll give you one fact: i tend to prefer and enjoy kinds roasted by smaller distributors. as in...anything but st. arbucks. moving on, now...

family: three facts for you... 1. they're crazy. 2. i love them. 3. they put up with me. :) i really really like and love them. :)

friends: i love and cherish them, and enjoy making new ones. like...maybe...you. who knows. :)
painting: i enjoy it. i paint when i'm inspired, when there's canvases around, and when i have extra free time. heh. i haven't painted much this year yet. 

swing dancing: i. love. it. above are some of the lovely friends from the crowd we dance with sometimes on thursday nights. :)