Monday, November 26, 2012

dreads? ow?'s 7:12 pm and rachel is dreading my hair.
one dread, she says.
it's okay, you can take it out later, she says.
ohmygosh, it looks so awesome, she says.
i feel it with my fingers. it feels weird. it's sticking out away from my head, peoples.
it feels like it looks weird, i say.
noooooo, it looks pretty good, she says!
take it out right now, i say. actually have to take it out right before you take a shower because you'll need to rub conditioner in it to get it out, she says.
so i sigh.
it's kind of bringing on a slight headache on the left side of my head where she's working.
she's done a couple dreads on herself; her long hair....
it's fun and interesting doing dreads on someone else, she says.
well, that's nice. :D
 obviously, i don't --and won't-- look like this. ahem.
i like the look of dreads on some people.
i'm eccentric like that.
but on my? with my hair this short, and dreads making it even shorter?
spare me.
sigh again.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

it's a pie kind of night.

i made apple pie tonight.
it's justin's favorite....and i'm just glad i'm testing out my skills making it, because i've only made it a few times so far in my life......probably once a year, each fall with all the apples we get from one of the local orchards.

and let me just say.....
it's really one of the best things to ask how the pie is and hear things like
i think there's just enough sugar in it.
i think there's just enough salt in it.
there could be a little more butter in it. [says the person who loves butter a little more than the normal butter-loving people out there. ;) ]
i've developed a solid taste for softer, acoustic-style music, but today it's been three days grace as i peeled apples with as i sliced the apples. rise against as i mixed up a lazy crumble topping for the pies instead of rolling out crust. i haven't bridged into underoath yet tonight....just going back in the archives of rise against.....but it may come yet. lol.

i ran a little over a mile with my awesome, younger siblings, caleb and rach.
ran...then walked a bit....then ran more. i got a side stitch, or else i would've ran the whole time, obviously. :P
i'd have to say my favorite part was the yoga-related stretching before and after the running/walking....
the lightly-chocolate protein shake that caleb made for him, rach and i was not to my liking but i drank it down anyways because they said i'd be more sore if i didn't partake. oy.

next up in my night: making a minestrone soup for tomorrow lunch so i don't have to do anything but warm it up when we get home from church. :)
and.....clean this kitchen.

i have a feeling i may be sleeping really good tonight.......

but first, let's burn the butter that's heating up, waiting for onions and soup fixings first.
this is a great start to the rest of the evening.