Tuesday, December 18, 2012

so today [er, yesterday] i was at a birth...

monday, december 17 2012

my sister's a doula, and i sometimes get picked for birth photography by lucky people who want such a wonderful thing at their blessed event of a new bebe.

see? sweet bebe. :)

and bebe feet. :)
that's all you get because i can't give you any more for public viewing.

and i had two full cups of douwe egberts coffee at the hospital with cream and sugar to get through it. also...maybe 2 chocolate puddings in the fridge there. ahem. sustenance was needed! ;)

...our before and after faces. lol. at 8:30ish with caramel and butterscotch americanos in hand, and afterwards with memories and hours under our belt.
we were at the hospital from 8:30am-4pm.
then, on the way home, we found the greatest coffee shop ever....and it's only been open since june.....and i didn't take my camera out of the car and into this place with me because i had no idea what awaited us besides much-needed coffee and carbs.......and it's in a town 20 minutes from us that we hardly ever get over to, unless its little theater has a movie we want to see -- then we go there, because it's only $6 freaking dollars a ticket.

it's 11:23pm right now, and i'm crashing, and i knew i shouldn't have put that teabag named "sleepytime" in my cup if i wanted to stay up easily till justin gets home from work so we can skype a little bit. hopefully.
skype is great. especially when you miss seeing the favoritest faces in the world.

so around 1:30pm, our lady in labor at the hospital got an epidural...and anna and i went out in the hall to wait for the sterile procedure to be done. tubes stuck into spines isn't exactly what i wanted to see anyways.
so anna texted.
and i did lunges in my yoga pants and cozy flat winter boots [they look russian and they're black; they're not uggs, just an fyi to certain people, lol!] and stretches and pushups with a twist against the hand rails in the labor & delivery room hallway. haha.
it was grand. and those lunges? gosh they feel good. just don't let your knee go over your toe. you know what they say about that....lol.

tuesday, december 18
today's snow. can you see it?
oh yeah. that's the lightbulbs. sorry. lol.
it flurried....then kinda went away. :P i hope it's a white christmas. :)
the end.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

life update, anyone?

this was the sunset today, the end of my 10-5 day at my favorite rustic furniture shop... ;)

this was one of mom's inspirational finds at b&n the other night.
[engagement pictures that my awesome sister, rach, took of us 11/24 on the most freezing day ever, after thanksgiving was warm and in the mid-50's...we took pictures on a day that ended up being around 30.
and add windchill. and some pictures taken at sunset by a lake. hah!! torture. lol.]
lately i've been figuring out venue choices and pros and cons with mum and a couple other valuable perspectives who are of great help. :)

almost time to unveil a date. almost. ;)

suspense is awesome, right?
it's grand tension.
a very grand sort indeed....
after i worked 10-5 at the store, i closed up and went straight to babysitting a sweet little one, K, and her two older siblings...5:30-9.
i got home at 9:30 and it's the strangest thing to look at the clock and see "10:35pm"...
when i normally get home around 5:30.
oddest feeling ever.
but gotta love having work.
and saving money.
and buying christmas gifts.
and splurging on oneself.
heh. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

checking in. :P

this is me during a spare moment or two at work. [i've been working a lot lately. though no wifi. or i might, by chance, post some rambles. oh well.]
me and my webcam.
i have to admit, we had fun.
a little bit each day. lol.
a lot on my mind today.
that's when i get a cup of water and sit down to pin things only relevant to tmi for future stuff.
helps take the brain off things.
that's why all the house and birth pins. apologies. i find that stuff interesting. i knew i was weird before; you don't have to tell me through your computer screen. i heard you. ;)

anyways. just wanted to say hi. :)
and....i want to try all of the pioneer woman's recipes and not get fat at all from the experience. lol.