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sweet ladies {and gents?}:
heart like mine
kb squared
welcome to miscellanea
a coasties girl
bittywings baby
my little loves
that's all i got
bohemian bowmans
jak [of hearts]
take heart
little lovables
dramatic elegance
lindsay writing
petals and freckles
lee and bethany
boho baby bump
the life artist
christopher and tia: the documentary of us
flower patch farmgirl
trying our best
in every season
simply, feather
apple loves orange
she breathes deeply
i am...many things
farmgirl paints
oh mandie
my life in curls
alita jewel's treasures
there, i just said it
sometimes sweet
we don't have it all together
lucky number 13
mama's losin' it
seizing my day
mamma town
our life: narrated by lacey
tootsie grace: living the creative life
the paper mama
lemonade makin' mama
courtney keb: lovelove
misadventures of an alternative navy spouse
silver lining
forget me not diaries
where my heart resides
abbie writes
my barefoot journey
grit and glory
consider the lilies
jessica jane handmade
the adventures of mr. superman and mrs. s.
i love you to the moon
newlyweds diaries
then comes marriage 
the whim wham life
story of my life
living aloha
across the pond
where we love is home
life in the pitts
no model lady
consider the coffee
tirzah photography
drops of light
rachel photography [my little sistah's fun little place where she posts her experimental growing-up photography...i just want to say, i made her blog button. ;) and did all the html crap for it. lol. gotta love family in the blogosphere.]   
mrs. betty rocker
the pioneer woman
smitten kitchen
sweets: the baking adventures of eeb
a holy experience
novel matters
pregnant chicken
sounds like tomatoes
single dad laughing

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hold on, love

hold on, love
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