Thursday, August 25, 2011

busy day: short post.

i'm cutting sweet corn off the cob and freezing it in gallon bags for when we want a taste of summer when it's cold out.
making corn chowder for dinner.
i'm feeling jittery from the coffee i've had today. i went to bed before one, but read this great post: the torn fabric of being, for quite a while:)
later: going to dinner and swing dancing with martha, anna, and my sister anna :)

also, a killer whale is being bathed in our backyard right now. ^^sammi-bear and my not-so-littlest-sister, lyddie.
crazy fascinating, huh? :)
now i'm reading this: i will love you, possibility.

and another couple posts i plan to read:
he's a tear catcher and i'm a fist fighter but all he asks of me is love.
plank-pullin': the uninspired one.
be different, act normal: apple pie caramel apples. go ahead. click and drool. ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for linking my post up there!
I hope it has given you some peace before going to bed. (:
When I was a kid I used to have a killer whale just like that one hahahaha that's a great picture! You really captured the moment!
Sounds like a busy but fun day!

Natalie said...

Oh. Man. That recipe... looks delish!