Tuesday, September 7, 2010

of wingback chairs and autumn days...

I'm kind of excited.
Because. I'm delving into something I've never done before.
I've always been interested in interior design and all that lovely stuff.
Yesterday, Anna found a chair on the side of the road while she was biking.
I ran up there to see it, a blue thang in need of some TLC but not too smelly or rundown.
So, since then, I've been looking everywhere online (ebay, amazon, you name it) for tips and how-to's on reupholstering, and sheets that I like, at decent prices. This lady recommended that idea. Sounds good to me.
This is a shot of it with a random large-floral-printed sheet draped over it. Which I'm kinda taking a liking to.
I was having my third cup of coffee for the day, as well as studying the aforementioned-and-linked-to article on reupholstery. The wind is kicking up today, and oh-so-cool. I do believe autumn is pretty much here to stay...we'll have to see. :)
My chair is currently sitting in an empty half of the garage which Ben just reorganized the other day. Quite nice.
I'm excited. But I can't really move on until I actually have fabric in my hands... so, more on that later!!


Mrs. Bement said...

Oh, I love the chair! Can't wait to see what you'll do with it :)

cristina said...

love, love the chair. You will have to post pictures when you are done with it :)

Christopher And Tia said...

Gosh you're adorable.

That is all :)

Christina said...

That looks like a fun and challenging project. I love finding things on the side of the road. That's how we got our wood coffee table. :P

Chelsea said...

I have a similar chair that's purple that I got at goodwill, or rather, my friend got it, I kept asking to borrow it for photo shoots so she just gave it to me.

I'd love to re-do mine too but the buttons scare me. I have no idea where to start with the buttons.

Can't wait to see what you do with it! Great find!

{Amy} said...

can't wait to see this chair re-finished! i would love to learn how to do this although i'm not sure i have the patience!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh girl more power to ya. That looks like a big job! But you can do it:) It's gonna look great.