Sunday, May 13, 2012

muffins. oh my.

so . . . my sister works as a hostess [and part-time baker] at a fine dining restaurant.
she worked this morning, because as it turns out, tons of people loved the idea of taking their mumsies out to brunch for mother's day. ;)
she brought home a few things . . .
such as lemon poppyseed muffins, and blueberry muffins.
so i poured myself a cup of coffee and may or may not have had two of each kind.
they're my top two favorite kinds of muffins.
only wish i could've shared. ;)
hope you all had a beautiful mother's day, loving on your/a mother, being one, or something awesome like that. :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

artistic endeavors: i just want you.

so. this happened way back in november.
right around the 19th, to be exact.
i love it. 
here's a link to the context of the quote.
gilbert and anne, talking it out.
i started painting it at dusk.

it was inspired by a graphic i'd seen. no, sadly, this is not an original.
but i did kind of make it my own....a little bit.

see? the original.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

gorgeous mornings, coffee, and weekly news.

it's 8:18am and an utterly gorgeous morning.

i brewed coffee this morning for myself.
it's the first time since last week's sunday.
why? because i was sick all last week.
came down with a case of the chills during the service at church, came home, took a long nap, had fever/chills/aches/coughing all week....and now i'm getting better. thank God.
i still haven't been getting as much sleep as i could, considering i go to bed at 9:30 lately [insert gasp here; just a month or more ago i called my sister anna a grandma for going to bed at that hour. lol.], but with coughing and all that, i wake up a lot through the night.
 justin, drawing robots for danny boy. :) d.a.r.l.i.n.g.

then, friday night justin drove up here, and stayed till sunday afternoon. that was great...i went off and on with a fever, but it was good good to see him again. :)
so yeah, i haven't been craving or brewing coffee all week because of the darn sickness....:P
this morning.

i woke at 6 to my fiance's voice on the phone as he drove to work another day.
i watched out the window as the sun came up and brightened the trees colors.
i packed apples, blackberries, and strawberries to eat at work later.
i brewed some coffee. 
i love gorgeous days like this.
now to figure out what i want to wear to work......
i have to say, i was excited to feel the urge to write a few words in this post editor here in blogger this morning. it feels like it's been forever.
so . . . . hi!!!