Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sisters and carrots.

firstly, some things that cracked me up:
hah. right.
who likes peeling and slicing [by hand; not food processor] carrots??
raise your hand. heh.
that girl enjoys pulling the smolder all too often. the second picture we took had us both smiling, but she wanted me to post this one instead. ;)
anyways, those carrots . . . are something you don't want to make more than twice a year.
butter, brown sugar, a dash of salt. carrots, with all the nutrients simmered out of them.
oh boy.

p.s. my laptop's power jack got fixed yesterday by my brilliant brother, ben. i'll have to post some pictures and the story sometime soon. ;)


ginanorma said...

OH MY word that is wonderfully funny and I LOVE IT!!!! That should be on the news, too too funny!!! SO happy you decided to share! HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL (tell your mom that means Laugh out Loud)!

Christina said...

Those auto corrects always crack me up! Some of them can get a bit crazy!!

Those carrots sound and look delicious.

vintch said...

haha that reminds me of not the most appropriate website, but one night i stayed up and read them for hours. oh the things people say!

and those carrots? divine. my favorite cookbook has a line that reads, "in order to make most vegetables fit to eat, you must cover up the basic taste of vitamins with calories." true, true.

Natalie said...

There's a little award for you over at my blog to be claimed!

Anonymous said...

Okay, my tummy just hurt laughing on that second conversation. LOL. And nicely chopped carrots! good job Beka! btw, found your blog over Natalie's. Now i'm following. Hope you can visit mine and follow too if you like... :)

ladaisi said...

HAHA that is hilarious. One time my mom asked me how to make the page move up and down.

meesch said...

oh my gosh those text convos are hilarious! Definitely just made my day :) New to your blog, excited to start following!

a perfect kind of day

Jennifer Rod said...

LOL love the text pictures. My boss has all these questions tooo... :)