Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the cast list! and coffee . . . :)


---That, my dear, is a window. :) And frost. Or ice. On the window. My goodness, I'm a friendly, detailed blogger. ;) hahaha

Daddy and I are doing something I haven't done before: our Lifetime tea kettle has an attachment to brew coffee with, [and since Anna took our good ol' Procter Silex coffee maker over to Grammy's house for the weekend] we're brewing the last of my beloved Trader Joe's Bolivian Blend. :)

What a lovely afternoon; Daddy and I are home with a napping Grammy, and Danny is also snoozing on the bed in the other room.

Ha, okay. We really need a cast list now. :)
[And I'm getting less and less afraid of smiley-faces, can you tell?]

So, inbetween: sipping my coffee --it turned out pretty good-- finding the "lost" library card that I used on Monday with Skylar, and running to get Danny from his screaming awakeness of being wrapped tight as a butterfly's cocoon in his blankie curtesy of Rach, Daddy leaving for the farm, Danny coming to me with a disturbed look on his face, hands out covered with coconut oil because Ii wasn't watching him, washing his hands and setting him in front of the Bible story playing on the tube. . . . inbetween all that, I'll introduce you to the main, important, lovely people in my life . . .

Daddy: he's my Daddy, and he's a farmer. He likes my coffee, he likes my focaccia bread. And I love him. :)
Mommy: she's my Mom, a SAHM and everything else under the sun--she wears a lot of hats, several of which don't include: . . . um, nevermind. :) Obviously, I love her, too. :)
Anna: my older sister, nanny to next door childrens, awesome main cook of the household, middle-of-the-night-conversationalist about deep and shallow things alike, I love her. :)
Ben: older brother, carpenter, pen-maker, totally rad brother. And quite handsome. :) I love him, too.
Me: midling, that's me. :) scribbler/writer, painter, guitarist, blogger, FBer, libraryer, (ha, i just created a new word! tell me I'm not brilliant.) bla-di-bla-di-bla. (quoting from the Sheriff in the BBC Robin Hood, haha)
Caleb: paintball and airsoft guru, remote-control freak, pretty cute. He would kill a squirrel if he knew I just posted that on a blog, for heaven's sake. ;) I love him, too. (wow, i love a lot of guys, haha)
Rachel: muffin-maker, Danny's main playmate and toter. She takes him everywhere around the house with her. :) She's very...unique. And yes, I love her.
Lydia: jewelery-maker, with more than a little pinch of tom-boy. {her bracelets are my main staple, and she makes awesome necklaces, all with stretchy thread and beads} She's a cutie pie. and I love her.
Danny: sweetie, babbler, adopted child. No, actually not technically. :) His mom is a single mom. We've been watching him a few times a week ever since he was like 10 months old, and so therefore obviously he's adopted. ;) hahaha
Skylar: story writer, acedemic who-knows-what, flirting addict, the other (funky) sister I never had. She used to be quite a fixture in our family, living next door for the past 5 years or so, but now that she's moved away and is going to a different high school altogether, we won't see much of her until she gets her drivers license. Normally we go on walks to the library with any number of the sisters listed above, but that's changed.
Grammy: I love her. She lives in a world of her own sometimes, skips words or mixes them up sometimes, is quite moody sometimes, {like me, haha} but goodness we all love her. :) She's lived with us ever since my 17th birthday two years ago. Life changed then, and, like life has a penchant to do, a lot of things have changed a lot in the space of time since then. Heck, yeah. We all have changed. But in the end, life is still good, it's hard but awesome, and above all, Jesus is with us through it all, and we live to honor Him.
Justin: engineer, daddy, joker, youth group leader, my other big brother. Every year we do ministry together at a conference; us on music and them speaking. It's always buckets of fun rooming together!!! hahaha
Sarah: organizer, mommy, fashionista, and the resident biggest sister to all of us. She's the one who told me black and brown didn't go together. She's the one who now tells me my outfit is adorable. She's Justin's wife, and they're amazingly sweet.
Eliyah: busy, blonde, the almost-crawling definition of cute, she is Justin and Sarah's little darling, almost a year old. We loves them all. ;)
Nathan: my brothers fellow paintballer, training in the Air Force, eater of all our different kinds of soups. Until October last year, he was a pretty steady fixture (haha) in our family, coming to hang out and eat dinner almost once a week. Ironically, 99% of the time it was some kind of soup, so we started joking about it. We write letters, and talk about soup, coffee, and life in general.
Ito: neighbor boy, Lyddie's playmate, sweetie. He's been around a few years, and he's quite cute. He plays Legos and goes sledding and all that fun kiddie stuff with my last three siblings. Oh, what a life. :)

So there's the cast list. I have to go get ready for church soon, seeing as it's 5:04pm, but I'll be sure to try to blog more consistently. {haha}

Like, wow, this is a record: 4 blog postings in one day? Yes, I know. I rock. ;)
Ya'll have a wonderful Wednesday evening.

{No, I'm not southern, but I do like my green tea kind of more than a little bit sweet, and yes I like putting accents on, in type and voice. So there. You know something new about me. :)}

one of my favorite authors: lisa samson

Here's her official site --though, random fact; her hair is much longer than the picture that greets you, haha-- and I have to say, she's on her FB way more than her site. :)

And this, my friends, is her typepad (however not-brought-up-to-date it is):

Now, let me say this. I love her books. I have not read Songbird, or her first books/a little series, but heck, she got better with time, just like wine. ( would I know? Nevermind.)

I received Quaker Summer for my birthday a few years ago (I think it was my 16th?), and I went on a rampage, getting all her books from the library. Soon, of course, I ran out. It was a pretty sad day when I finished the last one. I had read her latest (in that year) , and went back and read her older ones, and then there were no more! Can you spell 'depressed'? (laughs)

But really. I was very sad that I hit the bottom of this talent. I love the points of view she writes in, it's soooo very easy (well, for me) to get into it, and the women and their stories are plain straight-up and quirky, so dang real, they have a familiar and unique perspective, and I love it all. :) I'll stop gushing now. Haha.

But really, you should try reading one of her books. There are different subjects mostly including social justice, serving the least of these, and good, thought-provoking stuff like that. So, high-tail it over to your library.
Who is your favorite author?

one of my favorite authors: susan meissner

This is the blog of one of my favorite authors. :)
Her latest book, White Picket Fences, is not what the cover and title make you think of. Haha. And darn it, I didn't get to read it yet because when I got it from the library, I happened to be very busy when it finally came in.

Her book Blue Heart Blessed is one of my favorites, though, and The Shape of Mercy.
I love the point of view she wrote BHB in, the wedding dress shop the main character runs, the coffee she drinks on the flat top of the building for down-time...the priest... It's a good book, peoples. :)

oatmeal and thoughts of a cast list...and very good friends. :)


Mmm, I love oatmeal. With a spoonful of turbinado sugar, and a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. That was breakfast, and randomly I've been thinking I need to post a "cast-list" of sorts... Just so ya'll know who's who when I relay funny stories and such.
So...sometime I have to get that up.

Thank God, stuffy noses are nearly all cleared out in our house, including mine. {And the left ear clogged/muffled all of yesterday was remedied by prayer and garlic potions downed. Haha.} Today, I'm doing a heck of a lot better. Wow. God is so good.

Last night Anna made cauliflower soup. It may sound a bit . . . interesting, but it was so good, once I got over the fear of my ear problem getting worse from the milk in the soup. :) Goodness, it was yummy. Basically, make a white/bechamel sauce, adding chicken broth to that so it's not straight-up-creamy-white-sauce. Steam the cauliflower like normal, but till it's very very mushy. Then you blend half of that with white sauce, and stir all the stuff together. That's the basics, sorry if it's not enough . . . oh, wait. Also, sautee sliced mushrooms, and add those to it, also. Goodness, our family loves mushrooms. :)

I'm very excited for this weekend.
Sisters Jen and PJ, friends of mine and Anna's, are coming in on the tram on Friday. They'll be staying until Tuesday, and we're going to be doing a lot of talking, laughing, taking pictures, drinking coffee, drinking tea, cooking in the kitchen, scrapbooking (no, not me), playing music (me and Jen on our acoustic guitars), going to the library, and lastly, because it'll be sort of the least of all the things we do, watching movies. Like Emma, like Bright Star...I can't remember the other ones we'll do.
The thing is, we haven't seen them since 2007. Wow. So, we have a lot of catching up to do, even though we obviously keep contact by phone and Facebook. Ah, I can't wait! Heck, I'm barely constraining myself from typing smiley-faces at every corner and turn and sentence.

Well, well, well. Laundry needs to be done, because my gosh has it gotten to mountainous heights again after 1 1/2 weeks since I myself have been down there with the sole intent and purpose of doing something about it . . . heh heh.

Last night I read more of Tea With Hezbollah, and yes, it's a very good book. It just took me pushing through the first 20 pages, and then I was hooked. Definitely read it. And have a good Wednesday, because I'm getting off here, going to make myself a nice big coffee mug of green tea and a drizzle of honey.

That, my friend, is one of the things I love. When I'm not in the mood for drinking coffee. :)
There! I posted a smiley-face! hahaha

Sunday, January 24, 2010

sunday, emma, no coffee yet.

Good Sunday afternoon to you.

Gosh, I haven't seen it rain since . . . well, since before winter started. It's a strange thing.
Church was good today, though --after the service-- Dad took over the espresso machine in the cafe and I took care of the starter and finishing processes. Whip cream, caramel and chocolate drizzle. Yes, our church is one of those that has a cafe. Goodness, I like that espresso machine. :) Sometimes I'm stuck with steaming/frothing the milk, but I'm pretty decent at that. Just not my favorite job.

Anyways, like it matters if I didn't get to make espresso today--I don't have my smelling ability back yet, or the last 70% of my tastebuds. Grr. I wasn't able to taste the chicken noodle soup and Italian combo sandwich Friday night at Panera Bread. How sad is that? I didn't get coffee that night either because this darn cold that started on Monday has yet to be completely kicked.

You know what? When I'm getting over something --which is why I'm kicking this so hard (haha)-- I have no taste for coffee. Ironically, this time I can't even taste coffee even if I wanted to. Kinda sucks, especially if you know how much I like coffee.
Ah. Someday . . . :)

It's a good day, anyways.
I have to read more of that book Tea with Hezbollah, because Ben was asking after it. (Ha, as if he has time yet, but still...he could hock it.)
It's taking me a bit to get used to Ted Dekker's style of writing again, especially after reading 3 books in a row written by ladies, and chick-flicky books at that.

Wow, this new David Crowder Band album {church music} is pretty funky. Dancy. Interesting.

Well, one thing making this day pretty sweet is that . . . Emma, the newest version, is airing tonight on PBS. Yay! It's one of those things that our whole family -pretty much- cozies up in the living room for. Last week, the last of 3 weeks of The Return of Cranford aired, and we loved that, though it was a bit unexpectedly sad with deaths we weren't expecting. But then there was a bit of love and happiness. (As if those things all can't be intertwined, but hey...)
Yes. I predict that even the boys will stay in the room for this next family-watching-addiction. (Just kidding on the addiction part!)
But really, Romala Garai is an excellent Emma. :) I love her. Quite a bit more expressive of the full range of emotions than the old Emma.

Look up the song Shadows by the DCB. It's awesome.

The feeling remains that God is on the journey, too.
-St. Teresa of Avila

Saturday, January 23, 2010

books and unrelated carnality. really.

The other night, I read from my [marked-up-with-red-gel-pen-underlinings] ESV Bible, and the chapter in Romans talked about carnality and walking in the Spirit.
It really sparked an interesting family conversation/debate after I was done, and everyone had the humbling but very amusing chance to give an example of how they had been carnal that day. It was good, and got it on the table that we all needed to watch ourselves and walk in the Spirit more... heh heh.
So obviously, since it was such a hit (haha), the subject and pinpointing has carried through to those little, random parts of the day . . . like when I was toasting bread on the stove, and Rachel was talking in a higher, very annoying preppy voice. I mean really?
I took a deep breath and turned to her, where she was standing with a black spatula in hand, one hip cocked. “Are you trying to be annoying?” I ask her.
She just grins and stands there. “No, I think you’re just being carnal.”

Wow. Got me. But hello?
You, my dear, are making it very hard not to be carnal, because this behavior is annoying. Let me tell you.
So I just look at her. Then turn back to give attention to my toast. Breathe. Just breathe. It’s just those little moments of strong annoyance that you have to get over, like climbing a spiked fence. Ha. It’s hard.
But soon it was over, and she stopped the voice (amazing how those little things can get to you!), and all was well.

I’m on page 10 of Tea With Hezbollah, by Ted Dekker and Carl Medearis. Wow. Basically, it’s nonfiction. (Haha, why am I categorizing it like that? gosh it almost sounds like I have something against nonfiction…I don’t.) And it’s written with the “theme” and question and law of loving thy neighbor even if he’s your enemy –that’s the forefront of this book.
Wow. And what's funny is that on Amazon, it says that it comes out on January 26, and we already have it in from the library. Anna asked me how this was, and I just looked at her, smiled, and said "we're special."

And last night I finished the book Just Between You and Me, by Jenny B. Jones. It was good—better than I thought it would be, but then again, Splitting Harriet (loved the main character, Harriet) pulled that same stunt on me as well. Looks like a chick-flick, nothing more, but then it turns out to teach you something you’ve never learned from a book before, and it’s something you never would’ve guessed to learn from a book like it . . . well, with your free time, read them someday. :) I’m just so kind like that.

I’m off to clean the kitchen (wash dishes, put them away, scrub the counters and stove top) and make a big batch of bread to make into focaccia, with parmesan cheese and black olives in the middle, all beautiful and melty. :)
And goodness, it’s almost 4pm. I’d best get going. Yay. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

time . . . don't go too fast.

9:36am this morning...

It’s breezy today.
But since it’s winter, I feel I should call it ‘wind’, not ‘breeze’.
I peered out my window a moment ago, hearing the rumble of the trees moving and air sweeping the sides of houses, namely ours—and just for a second, I saw it as it shall be in Spring. Green, flowery, full, growing.
It scared me.
I was glad when my mind came back to accept the white outside my window, even with its (sometimes) unreasonable cold.
I don’t want time to move that fast.
I don’t want all this time gone, before I’ve learned lessons on how better to live, look to Him, let Him Love me, and love everyone He does.
Which is everyone.

I finished Leaving Carolina, by Tamara Leigh --last week I read Splitting Harriet, also by her, and it was quirky, cute, a bit different than your normal chick-flick-looking book, and good-- at 11:30 last night. Good book. I liked it. If you’re looking for a review of some sorts, look here:

because I suck at reviews. :) Just to be blunt. (Like I normally am…)

Monday, January 18, 2010

i'm going to miss this. *sniff, sniff*

This was very thought-provoking, it. :)

winter, please go away soon.

I'm about done with winter.
It isn't my favorite season, and sadly so. My brothers love winter. Sledding is a huge thing that leaves the house quiet. :) Ha, which makes for the best book-reading time (or writing in my composition notebook) with a mug of coffee, or green tea and honey.

What is your favorite part of winter? If you don't like it, what do you do to cope?
(laughing, laughing, tiredly laughing)

I would write more, but if I'm serioues about getting over this stuffy/runny nose, I've got to get to bed.