Monday, August 12, 2013

backsplash inspiration. :)

so, i can make do with the counters. they're in great shape.
but all evening, i have been scrolling through and clicking on and reading great diy projects (from pinterest).
and i'm super inspired to not only run the idea by our landlord so we can pick a few colors and paint sometime soonish before 2014 (because heck yes, he said we could paint!!), but i'm also thinking that along with a nice light color on the kitchen walls (which are paneling and would need oil based primer first), we should put up an easy peasy peel-and-stick backsplash of some sort.

ya know. to go over this farmhouse red. heheh.
i used to have a real crush on red when i was around 14-18.
i used to especially love the idea of deep red as an accent wall color.
not anymore. over the past few years, my decor brain has observed and learned and developed a different level of taste and style.

here are a few pictures that i brought together from my instagram posts, just to show ya what the atmosphere is like and what setting i'm working with.
if you've got an idea or inspiration or advice on what color is in your mind to help me pile up a few perspectives (before i go get samples somewhere someday), feel free to comment with your thoughts! :)
my cupboards are painted an off-white cream, so i'm trying to visualize something that would be versatile and simple and clean but complimentary to the cream tone and the wood-look laminate counters. 

let the photo stream begin.

this photo was taken at about midnight. therefore, no natural light to help, but oh well.
morning-time light! gotta love it.
now we really know for sure that the new and simple backsplash must be photogenic--with recipes i'm working on trying out, the backsplash will almost always make it into the picture. lol.
hmm. what color would look good behind the roses, clean and drying dishes, spice rack, and cream cabinets and trim.....
i'm almost thinking a look with white-background-based, varying pale spring greens type of small-glass tiles.....
remember: comment with your thoughts! i always love more inspiration. ;)
(but gosh, i love the varying pale green glass tile idea that came to my to find it on a budget....)