Tuesday, July 17, 2012

food, life, waiting, painting.

just speechless.
the hands i love. :)
life's been pretty good.
the weather's been whacky for this state. :P never has it been so warm and humid for so long. it's not normal for us....sheesh.
but we're learning to live with it, praying the drought will pass, and learning to be thankful in all things, for something.
i hardly ever blog anymore.
if you haven't noticed.
sometimes it's hard to have words when you're in a [obviously quiet] season of waiting and trusting.
it's hard work, but i'm ready to work hard for/with what lies ahead.
 oh! this.
i have been getting a random custom request once in a while, and just the other day i made and sold another one. :)
i love doing custom ones. people ask for all sorts of quotes. it's awesome. :)

hah...last night i made blueberry muffins for the second time in two weeks, because blueberries have been on sale and therefore not a pain in the butt to buy.
the batter was so freaking yummy. that's all i'll say..... ;) do you ever eat the batter of anything you make/bake?


Natalie said...

I eat cookie dough like crazy =D It's so hard to stop!

LeAnna said...

I saw that batter picture and thought it was chocolate chip cookie dough at first glance. I want chocolate chip cookie dough now. :)

ladaisi said...


No, I'm not stalkerish at all.

I want blueberry muffins.

Your paintings are lovely dahling.

chambanachik said...

I want to eat the batter more than I want to eat the finished product! :)

What in particular are you waiting for, if I may ask?

I get so excited when you blog. This little blogland misses you terribly. Facebook too! :)

Bethany said...

I'll always take batter over the finished product! I've also been known to leave eggs out of cookie dough and then conveniently "forget" to bake it until it's had a chance to be devoured properly by the spoonful. :)

ginanorma said...

I don't eat the batter because i'm paranoid of uncooked eggs:o but most people around my house DO eat it;)

I love your new piece, and it's beautiful that you are in the season you are in---God moves mountains in these kinds of seasons and the outcome is typically surprising and beautiful! you are SO faithful.

i need a new piece from you--I will think of a henri nouwen quote and send you color ideas!

charla beth said...

"sometimes it's hard to have words when you're in a [obviously quiet] season of waiting and trusting."

mmm, so true. you put this so eloquently.

i've definitely missed you blogging though:)