Monday, November 26, 2012

dreads? ow?'s 7:12 pm and rachel is dreading my hair.
one dread, she says.
it's okay, you can take it out later, she says.
ohmygosh, it looks so awesome, she says.
i feel it with my fingers. it feels weird. it's sticking out away from my head, peoples.
it feels like it looks weird, i say.
noooooo, it looks pretty good, she says!
take it out right now, i say. actually have to take it out right before you take a shower because you'll need to rub conditioner in it to get it out, she says.
so i sigh.
it's kind of bringing on a slight headache on the left side of my head where she's working.
she's done a couple dreads on herself; her long hair....
it's fun and interesting doing dreads on someone else, she says.
well, that's nice. :D
 obviously, i don't --and won't-- look like this. ahem.
i like the look of dreads on some people.
i'm eccentric like that.
but on my? with my hair this short, and dreads making it even shorter?
spare me.
sigh again.

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Alyssa Lentsch said...

I had dreads before I was a mommy and during my pregnancy with j. I miss them often and wish I hadn't taken them out ( my hair freaked out when I got pregnant). Mine also started pretty short. Go for it, but be nice to them, they take time:)