Sunday, December 2, 2012

checking in. :P

this is me during a spare moment or two at work. [i've been working a lot lately. though no wifi. or i might, by chance, post some rambles. oh well.]
me and my webcam.
i have to admit, we had fun.
a little bit each day. lol.
a lot on my mind today.
that's when i get a cup of water and sit down to pin things only relevant to tmi for future stuff.
helps take the brain off things.
that's why all the house and birth pins. apologies. i find that stuff interesting. i knew i was weird before; you don't have to tell me through your computer screen. i heard you. ;)

anyways. just wanted to say hi. :)
and....i want to try all of the pioneer woman's recipes and not get fat at all from the experience. lol.


Alyssa Lentsch said...

hi beka:P

Natalie said...

I think we all wish we could try PW's recipes and not gain some pounds... but I'm not sure if that humanly possible ;)

chambanachik said...

Your hair is getting longer! :)