Friday, March 22, 2013

life? that's happening, isn't it?...

hey hey hey!
so, according to calendars it should be spring, but we've still got stupid cold freezing weather around.

also, today i finished the last of the last of the last of the wedding invite stuff!
i have been taking pictures all along so peeps (and future friends/family) and see a post to come about how fun it was to put it all together. :)

gosh, it's been forever since i've even read a blog
besides young house love, i mean.
hello....we're renting a little house down the country road from his family. :) and it needs a bit of sprucing up, even though the landlord has neatened it up and updated a few things about it, cosmetically.
i can't wait to step inside it myself and hopefully get to paint the kitchen with a color. :)

i made onion soup with my youngest sister, lyd, earlier. our other two sisters (anna and rach) are under the weather a bit.
they are now watching the best version of emma on the awesome new couch, in the newly-painted-because-it-was-so-needing-it living room.
this photo is just more proof of the awesomeness that different shade and styles of a similar color will be pretty cool in my wedding......67 more days. wowza. (more sweet ideas found at my pinterest board. yes, yes.)
i can't wait; it's going to be warm out by then!!!!!
yes. spring, and getting married. how much better will the end of the month of may be. :) ;)
women: my sister lyddie, me, my sister anna, beth, martha, 
(little girl: alice) my sister rach, ?? nancy, anna a.

men: my justin, my brother caleb, justin r. and zechariah, 
my brother ben (The groom;), dad, monty, elijah, jason
also: in other news, my brother got married to a friend of mine --martha-- sunday!!
yes, yes. the pictures are quite handsome (thanks to her friend from ireland, louise the talented and awesome.)
and yes, we know we're good looking.
pretty fantastic, no? and it was freezing as heck outside!

hope you all have a dandy last week and a half of march.
maybe i'll blog again before i get married. maybe. lol.

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Kelsey said...

I remember years ago when you were talking about meeting someone, getting married, and all the things that come with it!

You were wondering if it would ever happen to you.

And here you are! Cry! I can't wait until you get back settled in to life and I get to read your domestic bliss blogs. So exciting!