Sunday, March 24, 2013

snow? dang you, snow. DANG YOU.

this was me, yesterday, happy and thinking i'd be in southern illinois right about now on sunday afternoon, on my merry way to see my new little "nephew". 

winter weather is stupid.
and my best friend and her husband welcomed their first baby --a sweet and small and very cute boy!-- to their family this morning at 6:40am in southern illinois, and i haven't gotten to roadtrip down there with anyone yet, so everyone is at the hospital seeing this cute guy:
and i'm having myself a little moment crying and frustrated and bummed out and angry, because suddenly he's in pictures on facebook with the rest of his sweet family and friends, and i could --was going to!-- be there in just a few hours if plans had persevered, if the snow storm hadn't hit illinois today.
it's the fact that i could've and should've been there right now.  i don't even care about the fact that technically it's the weather's fault and weather is weather and it is what it is. i don't care about that fact.
but yeah. it's great, because we have a gloomy day on our hands, and there's nothing planned for the rest of today, and i'm stuck indoors...two of my sisters are under the weather and napping, so no fun is going on there....and the party and lunch we had after church is over, though that was a lot of fun while it lasted.
no now there's not really any consolation except for the fact that i might get to visit there next week, but right now i just want to hole up in my room and watch some Bones and forget about failed plans due to weather and something as epic as a firstborn happening and me not being able to witness it as i'd promised to come and help. i so wanted to be there. to see my friend labor and bring a beautiful new soul into this world. i so wanted to be there and see the joy and be able to celebrate and be there for it all.
i so wanted to be there.
Bones isn't a consolation. it's distraction and stuff to keep my mind busy.

hope you enjoy your day, everyone.
i know there are worse things to happen to a person's day, but babies being born is a big deal in my world, and an epic thing to miss.
i'm past trying to think of things to make this day better. :\
i just want to forget about these long-grown hopes fallen through...maybe tomorrow i'll be cheery, and able to just look forward to the trip i'll actually end up making down there after Easter. sigh.

oh. well.
the sister, rach, just suggested a walk outside with her.....wearing specifically very large hoodies so we look hipster, she says?
i guess it's worth a try.
talk about a cool distraction. funny/cool sister. chilly weather out here in southeastern wisconsin. no snow. just.....gloom.


LeAnna said...

{{hugs}} It's the pits missing things of epic proportion. But it will all be ok, and soon you'll get to LIVE THERE (woot woot!) which will be ultimate epicness and I bet you'll get to babysit that cutie pie. ;)

chambanachik said...

:/ Winter weather IS stupid. I'm ready for spring (real spring, not whatever this is!). Hope you get to visit with them soon.

Rachel said...

Oh man, I so hate it when weather gets in the way of exciting plans. It happens all too often. It's interesting how such an uncontrollable thing can have such power over how we spend our days! I hope you get to see him soon!

-rach said...

totes yummers.