Monday, June 4, 2012

so, it's been a while . . .

and i finally decided to come in here and write a few words, post a couple pictures.
it's a relaxing monday afternoon, and the younger sisters are watching prada to nada.
life's been interesting and good and everything.
thursday to tuesday, over memorial day weekend, rach and i went down to spend those days with justin and his family.
an excerpt from thursday.

friday afternoon, aunt pj making baby cate laugh; eating tacos with the old married lady who's been my best friend since we were about 10. :)

saturday, playing piano...

and heading off to take engagement pictures with pj [amazing talented best friend that she is; so blessed to know all of them!] and all the siblings.
and...of course just now, google and everybody would decide to gang up on me and tell me that my gigs of storage for pictures to blog is all used up. oh my.
dangit. perfect timing, internet corporations..... sigh:P
well, if you've friended me on facebook or vice versa, you've probably already seen the album.'s all good. until i decide to start blogging again and need to do something about my storage issue. sheesh:P

the week since we got back has been a whirlwind of church on wednesday night;

swing dancing till late on thursday night; 
coffee and an antique store and lunch and conversation with heath and steph, anna and i on friday;

watched the film the hunt for red october that night with dad and a few siblings;
tired little munchkins still in their jammies. :)

saturday morning, babysat eliyah, zechariah, and danny boy on saturday with lyd's help;
took a nap that afternoon and it failed;
church sunday, and another nap that afternoon that failed;

also . . . in the latest news . . .
i slept in this morning and have been randomly researching wedding cake ideas and stuff like that.
oh, and this article [by a practical wedding] on advice for the wedding planning phase is grand.
no, no date set yet. calm down. ;) still a few things we're waiting on to fall into place....
God is so good, though, and we can see Him bringing things together as we trust Him with it all.

have a grand monday afternoon [watch out; there was a little bit of sarcasm in that.], and i shall see you around!

p.s. for all you bloggers who post tons of pictures, what do you for storage issues in google/blogger/etc??


Alyssa S. said...

I ditched Blogger for Wordpress. That said, I never used Blogger for long term storage of my images. I pay for Flickr Pro which gives me unlimited space for my pictures for I think about $20 per year (maybe less). Whenever there's a picture I want to post on my blog, I retrieve it from Flickr :)

Jeanne said...

Those cupcakes look beautiful!

Amanda said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see the engagement pictures.;)

kinga said...

looks so fun :) those first photos are beautiful!

Dana B. said...

Hi Beka, I don't post that many pics but what format/size do you post them in? I know that resizing them and formatting them for the web can cut down the storage you need by a lot. Depending on what camera/editing program you use, if you don't cut the size/dpi, you can end up with unnecessarily huge files! So that's something to think about for sure (ex: my unedited pics are 10MB because I shoot in RAW, but they end up being barely a few hundred kilobytes when I'm done with them - I use set 525 pixel width and 72 dpi.)

And welcome back!

Christina said...

I love the shadow pictures! :)

chambanachik said...

Love the photos!

And I had to break down and get the paid version of Photobucket after I maxed out my Blogger pics and free Photobucket pics. It's been nice to to worry about it anymore, though. :)

lindsay said...

gee i want to comment on each picture...too many were too perfect in their own way! beyond stoked to have a sneak peak on your engagement pictures c: