Saturday, June 16, 2012


in which the grand gestures of love look a bit different these days.
[the above is a post by sarah, at emerging mummy. iloveit.]

....faded from those far off dreams of europe and urban lofts and fill-in-the-blank greatness, and more vivid and present in the absolute loveliness of this worthy moment full of the steadfast. the hard and the beautiful.



...because time is always there; it's steadfast, also.

olafur arnolds music. ♥

We dream no longer of urban lofts on busy streets. We don't even dream of being important. We find ourselves learning to let go. We don't dream of overseas adventures often nor do we dream of fame and fortune. Being busy seems rather overrated.
We dream of old farmhouses surrounded by trees that have a tire swing. We dream of gardens and family homesteads. We dream of big family with happy chaos and barefoot summers. We dream of roots going down, growing old together. We dream of a simple and slower life together, close to each other all of our days.
[this was a draft from a few months ago that i decided to publish. weirdly enough, blogger let me upload a picture?! i have yet to officially check out my options and buy something, because this week has been crazy busy but good.  same for next week, so it might be july before i post next:P heh. have a grand june!]

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