Tuesday, December 13, 2011

link love.

a little family addition.
i really want one. kinda. yes. someday. :)

10 unforgettable wedding moments.
this video. my younger siblings have this memorized. no flippin' joke. 

five things i wish someone would have told me: the real world.
i'll probably be featuring vintch every other post for the rest of my blogging life. ah.

this. mhmmm. i think i should paint it or something.

wedding wednesday: etiquette.
i love the idea of freedom to do anything.

the realistic guide to love.

a gentleman's guide to surviving the 21st century.
the first post of the like.

a gentleman's guide to staying cool in the 21st century.
good stuff, that. i mean, from my perspective and all.

a gentleman's guide to surviving the 21st century.
the first post of the like.

a good woman's guide to the 21st century.
hah. i kinda like this guy's writing.
no....i'm not poetic. nope.

the good fight.
something charming: oh, how pinteresting!
bucket list items with darling pictures.

the end:)


charla beth said...

these are all.

vintch said...

oh sweet friend. you are so kind and generous and i so appreciate you featuring my leeetle posts:) and that realistic guide to love? so fabulous. it reminds me of this old, ragged magazine clipping i carry in my wallet. it was by the founder of e-harmony and he talks about the five things that he and his wife to do make their love last. and you would expect them to be crazy romantic and spontaneous and stuff because HELLO! he founded an uber successful dating site. but they were things like, "she lets me watch football on monday nights" and "she trades me the world news for the comics" and everyday, practical stuff. which is, actually, as romantic as you can get.

Funmilayo said...

those last pictures are awesome

Jennifer Rod said...

that post by Courtney from Vintch is amazing. I love reading her blog and I feel your sentiment... her writing style is just amazing and entirely unique. Lots of Vintch love in one post and comment strip :)

Jennifer Rod said...

Beka, I just have to say that while you were visiting my blog and commenting (just got that! :) I was looking over your Etsy shop, which i love... and listening to your playlist which i love too... you are one cool chick! :)