Wednesday, December 28, 2011

link love.

oh hello friend.
is brilliant.

yep, they're all mine: for the love of lists, subtitled: why i love yoga.
darn, this makes me miss it. and the yoga place just upped their session price from $12 to $15.

penne a la betsy?
flippin' amazing. i love seafood.
i am going to make that someday. soon. i am.

a caffeine addict's guide to the world: slideshow.
after browsing through that and reading this, i will never be surprised by how anyone takes their coffee.

i want to buy this. i don't care if it's from britain...[we don't normally go for sellers outside of the u.s. but a good record? why not.] which reminds me. i have a post to write about swing dancing. :) that's why i want this dress. it would be perfect.

in the end, that dress would still be cheaper than this blue velvet vintage dress.

a paris shower curtain? well gosh, why not. hahah. and it's from target. the place of decent prices. ;) well, compared to the triple digit price it might be if it came from bed bath and beyond or anthro. :P

aaaaaand i did a guest post for the lovely ladaisi! she published it today, so hop on over there and see what's going down. it's about books. you might like it. :)


Jeneric Generation said...

Thank you for all your sweet comments, Beka! Your blog is so cute. I have been browsing for a few minutes already, and I love your artwork!

ginanorma said...

I love your link days, it's such a fab idea and it gives us a way to meet new peeps!!!

(can I buy that painting yet?)!!

chambanachik said...

Fun posts as always. :) I liked your guest post!

charla beth said...

that "i love you hot chocolate" from "oh hello friend" is absolutely DARLING.

and your guest post...was just wonderful. when you wrote about your book and your gram's dementia, i got all teary-eyed. God-willing, i do hope to read that book someday. i do, i do.

and this:
"People really are fighting hard battles and grace is so needed, even when it doesn't seem deserved; wounds are all over the place. Some of us have lived simpler lives, and some of us have never been sheltered, but we all have a purpose. This purpose is found in caring for others and finding the strength to forgive that can heal."

WOW. i can't get over how amazing that is.
you inspire me...make me want to be better.
i'm so thankful to know you. so thankful.

do you mind if i share that above quote?

Kendra said...

I will be trying that penne very soon, thank you very much :) Love your music selection as well. You've got good taste all around!

elev8 said...

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