Friday, December 9, 2011

seriously, how perfect.

introducing . . . one of my best, sappiest finds . . . ever.
anne and gilbert tumblr.
"She was his at last, this evasive, long-sought Anne, won after years of patient waiting."
can you spell sap?
i can too :)


LeAnna said...


I should have put the entire Anne DVD series on my Christmas wish list. Because it's perfect.

Sap: The best adhesive to the romance of life, if you ask me. ;)

Rachel said...

adore adore adore

i want this entire series for Christmas. best love story of this lifetime.

chambanachik said...


ginanorma said...

looooooove it...i'm with you on this! hahahaa

Natalie said...

I would say that's quite perfect. Perfect indeed!

vintch said...

oh stop it! too cute for words. swoon!