Monday, September 17, 2012

hi, world.

it's been ages [literally, maybe a month?] since i've even logged into my blogger account.
i kinda miss reading and seeing and getting inspired by and learning about other lives and beautiful things out there.

i'm so tired and don't want to go anywhere tonight.
but we cannot do or get what we want all the time.
true, no?
i just need another cup of coffee.
i just wanted to say hi. :)

this is me, this morning.
i got henna done last night by a friend. aka, the legit tattoo artist boyfriend of a sweet friend. lol.

i shall never get a real tattoo because i am afraid of needles.
but henna is good enough for me.
art. heck yeah.
also...this past week, i've sold 5 different canvases, via my etsy. :) pretty exciting.


chambanachik said...

Congrats on the paintings!

And I really miss you...blogging, Facebooking, etc. :)

Natalie said...

Awesome Henna Art! =D