Friday, September 21, 2012

this: my wednesday.

this was my friday.
and a favorite song.
8:30am skype date.
my skype date is super freaking amazing and talented. ohboy. you can't even imagine. :)
then, because i had cute socks on [thanks, love;)] . . . and because a brother was nearby, i took a few pictures before we headed out to visit grandpa in the hospital before he had surgery.
does ben look like a creeper? maybe he didn't get enough sleep. lol
me and the brother.
fall is starting to be really noticeable all of a sudden.
sigh. pretty orange leaves. my my.
because my skills were requested for birth photography of a lady anna is a doula for anytime soon . . .
this picture ^^ makes me laugh. of course, i'm not the one pregnant and impatient and growing a little human and so ready to be done and see the precious sweetie. heh.
speaking of patience...and hippie-ness....hahaha. here. the due date debacle. i figure it's best to prepare one's mindset even before babies are seriously on the horizon. [laughing]
interesting, no?

anyhow! it's too late for any of you who liked my c.s. lewis sold the other night. :) :) :)
i'll make another sometime. don't worry.
it'll be grand.
i plan on doing some j.r.r. tolkien quotes very soon so that excited people can buy some awesome art inspired by the hobbit coming out in december. :)

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Natalie said...

Love the Icarus Account! I think if you go to NoiseTrade they have some of their music for free there to download =) Autumn is on the way down here as well!