Thursday, September 20, 2012

i have hacked the system. i am back.

i finally figured out how to keep my email open in one tab, and blogger account open in another.
or maybe google just loosened its power grip on stupid quirks that annoy the freaking heck out of sweet, down to earth people like me. ;)

i love the icarus account.
i first heard "favorite girl" at a wedding a couple months ago, and swing danced to it with caleb.
let me tell you, that song was dang fun to dance to.

anna made these today: a basic recipe of betty crocker's toffee bars.
with pecans chopped on top....then, she made salted caramel to drizzle over top.
sigh again.
those things were illegal.
er, let me paint a picture for you....

anna: beka, did you see the heaven-for-your-mouth that i made?
anna: they're salted caramel chocolate toffee bars.
.... i guess that says it all. heh. :)

hope you all have a great thursday night.
i'm off to dinner with some friends and one of my uncles who lives in the area...and swing dancing! and a late night! ow...really really really looking forward to that coffee in the morning. :P ;)


charla beth said...

oh my goodness, i am in love with that song<3 thank you for sharing! i can't wait to look up more of their stuff.

i hope you had a fun time swing dancing!

Eimile said...

Those toffee bars look amazing. Mmmmm.