Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Mixed-Media: You Are Living Your Story

i adore this piece of art by lauren at ladaisi blog.
the quote speaks to me more and deeper and clearer as time goes on.

...i've forgotten how to blog.
all i know now is quick updates once a month or less; a few sentences on what's happening lately for the sake of documenting a tiny, tiny bit of my life once in a blue moon.

i'm obsessed with this song.
it brings such peace to my heart every time i listen to it.
the truth is, it's on repeat. all the time. i need the reminder so much.
He never fails me.

something i've been thinking about lately is . . . no matter if we have a harder time of it in certain areas of our life compared to others, or have it [seemingly] easier, the fact is that it's our story. our life. and it may be different. or maybe we don't agree with something or think our way was better or they should've or could've done it our way or a better way... but they chose that path. and there are things to learn in the pain and challenge and beauty of our current [unique] paths that we won't learn any other way.
i can get stuck on thinking of ways i'd do something differently from someone else in my future, or thinking how my life is definitely going to be much different in certain ways and how some people may look down on something i do or how i do it, but eventually i realize that none of us are supposed to measure ourselves and our lives up to anyone else's, or their ideas and ideals.
that's not the point of life. it's not the point at all.
and when i remember that, and how we shouldn't be fixed on the pros and cons of people [or us] doing things right or wrong ways . . .
but rather letting it go with a we are all different, making different choices, not right or wrong mentality . . .
then i can finally know joy in my circumstances.
because they may be different, or in fact wrong or weird or out of line to someone else with a completely different life story and starkly contrasted life stand point, my life is what it is, and i'm learning and am being given things to realize and enjoy and struggle through . . . right here and now, there is something important going on.
there is a bigger picture outside of conversations in myself or with others figuring out the knots and twists of decisions we could all make in the future or have made in the past.
there is a bigger picture outside of the thing we're currently worrying about.
what is the good in front of us?
our circumstances will change; things do not stay the same.
so, what can we see, what can we find that will make this time more valuable instead of wishing it away or only feeling the challengingness of it?

what is the good in front of us? . . .

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Peacock Girl said...

Thanks. I need to hear this message today. I have been going through some of these things lately.