Monday, October 1, 2012

holy crap, it's autumn. :P

this morning.
i didn't have coffee, but i had him.
he left at a little before 9. here's a paragraph from around 11am.

out of coffee.
soon to be remedied.
i need it. bad. this morning needs it. bad.
my love left this morning with his little sister jacklyn.
without coffee to give even some slight sort of comfort, you can imagine how the morning's been.................

thankfully, within 20 minutes of that, we had coffee back in the house, and it lent a tad bit of sanity and coping to the morning.

how are all the trees suddenly mostly orange?!
time has... truly.... flown. holy freakin' crap.

any commentary on this? it's from my brain.:

struggle and challenge and less-than-ideal times/moments/circumstances 
are not meant to be [and cannot be] avoided.

it's all found in how we handle those times;
they are how we have become who we are.

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