Tuesday, October 30, 2012

right. yeah. a different path.

i wish i could give everyone a good old random blog post, or something of interest to discuss or give an opinion on like the good old days of blogging regularly....
but i realized i'm still walking a certain path that's leading uphill right now. and has been for quite a few months.
it's a good road, but heck if it isn't showing me things about myself and changing me slowly...
God knows it's time i take time and realize what i'm learning and exactly the ways i still need to grow up and bloom in.

so....i'm not going to promise any blog posts anytime soon.
because i can't, obviously.
and i don't want to.
all i can muster these days is some pictures and a summarization and a stupid promise, anyways.
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i'm hitting pause here, but still reading blogs and commenting.
i need to make it through this certain path of uphill journey.
growing into myself.

[btw, i recommend reading this post of honesty and adventure by kelsey. it's inspiring to me.]
photo by pj :)
We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot.
[Eleanor Roosevelt]


ladaisi said...

Man. This is the second 'taking a blog break' post I've read this morning, and it's making me bummed. I WILL MISS YOU! At least there's FB. And twitter? Are you on twitter? I just got it and I seriously do not get the thing.

PS I admire what you're doing - taking the time to grow into yourself. Everyone needs to do it, usually multiple times ... but it seems like fewer people actually recognize that these days.

chambanachik said...

I think this sounds really mature of you...I just can't pretend I'm not sad.

Jen said...

I second the sadness. Just as I was praying for grace to re-enter the blog world, one of my favorite sisters is pausing. But there is NEVER anything wrong with pausing in in anything (have you been reading Natalie's posts on rest?!! amen). Our minds and hearts can only take so much sometimes, and sometimes that so much just needs to be us and Jesus.

Love you, dearest.