Monday, October 1, 2012

some good things.

this chocolate.
a gift from my love.

this coffee, freshly brewed just for this moment on this drowsy, quiet, overcast, fall afternoon.
the ring i bought for justin, about to head off to cali for an exchange. different size needed. it's an awesome ring. i can't wait for him to see it someday.
me, the other night --friday early a.m., 
photographing a birth my sister was the doula at :)
my hair is growing out! just a few more months and trims away from an even bob. :)
Source: via Beka on Pinterest
i like the idea of this 'do.
the length, the layers, the...haha...the wave.

in the special book of borrow-back-and-forth-between-visits to each other.
random kitchen time and conversations and teasing.
long walks wearing hoodies and holding hands.
talking, talking, more talking and laughing.
on a sidenote: long hugs, too.
Source: via Beka on Pinterest
these. cuteness.
considering how much i like the movie of captain america, one of our boys someday should get this. hahaha. the ruffle. yes. yes.
love the style of this.

thus ends this post of grand things......isn't this almost like old times blogging? ;)


chambanachik said...

I love the idea of letters in that book. What a great story you're writing!

ladaisi said...

Aww, the sweetest happiest post. You're beautiful with or without wave (I have no wave minus this one chunk at the back of my head, which is weird and unplanned). I think I also pinned that apt!

Christina said...

I like the haircut! I cut mine recently, it's a little longer than in that pinterest pic, but I need some shaping done like that pic.