Saturday, January 23, 2010

books and unrelated carnality. really.

The other night, I read from my [marked-up-with-red-gel-pen-underlinings] ESV Bible, and the chapter in Romans talked about carnality and walking in the Spirit.
It really sparked an interesting family conversation/debate after I was done, and everyone had the humbling but very amusing chance to give an example of how they had been carnal that day. It was good, and got it on the table that we all needed to watch ourselves and walk in the Spirit more... heh heh.
So obviously, since it was such a hit (haha), the subject and pinpointing has carried through to those little, random parts of the day . . . like when I was toasting bread on the stove, and Rachel was talking in a higher, very annoying preppy voice. I mean really?
I took a deep breath and turned to her, where she was standing with a black spatula in hand, one hip cocked. “Are you trying to be annoying?” I ask her.
She just grins and stands there. “No, I think you’re just being carnal.”

Wow. Got me. But hello?
You, my dear, are making it very hard not to be carnal, because this behavior is annoying. Let me tell you.
So I just look at her. Then turn back to give attention to my toast. Breathe. Just breathe. It’s just those little moments of strong annoyance that you have to get over, like climbing a spiked fence. Ha. It’s hard.
But soon it was over, and she stopped the voice (amazing how those little things can get to you!), and all was well.

I’m on page 10 of Tea With Hezbollah, by Ted Dekker and Carl Medearis. Wow. Basically, it’s nonfiction. (Haha, why am I categorizing it like that? gosh it almost sounds like I have something against nonfiction…I don’t.) And it’s written with the “theme” and question and law of loving thy neighbor even if he’s your enemy –that’s the forefront of this book.
Wow. And what's funny is that on Amazon, it says that it comes out on January 26, and we already have it in from the library. Anna asked me how this was, and I just looked at her, smiled, and said "we're special."

And last night I finished the book Just Between You and Me, by Jenny B. Jones. It was good—better than I thought it would be, but then again, Splitting Harriet (loved the main character, Harriet) pulled that same stunt on me as well. Looks like a chick-flick, nothing more, but then it turns out to teach you something you’ve never learned from a book before, and it’s something you never would’ve guessed to learn from a book like it . . . well, with your free time, read them someday. :) I’m just so kind like that.

I’m off to clean the kitchen (wash dishes, put them away, scrub the counters and stove top) and make a big batch of bread to make into focaccia, with parmesan cheese and black olives in the middle, all beautiful and melty. :)
And goodness, it’s almost 4pm. I’d best get going. Yay. :)

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