Wednesday, January 27, 2010

one of my favorite authors: lisa samson

Here's her official site --though, random fact; her hair is much longer than the picture that greets you, haha-- and I have to say, she's on her FB way more than her site. :)

And this, my friends, is her typepad (however not-brought-up-to-date it is):

Now, let me say this. I love her books. I have not read Songbird, or her first books/a little series, but heck, she got better with time, just like wine. ( would I know? Nevermind.)

I received Quaker Summer for my birthday a few years ago (I think it was my 16th?), and I went on a rampage, getting all her books from the library. Soon, of course, I ran out. It was a pretty sad day when I finished the last one. I had read her latest (in that year) , and went back and read her older ones, and then there were no more! Can you spell 'depressed'? (laughs)

But really. I was very sad that I hit the bottom of this talent. I love the points of view she writes in, it's soooo very easy (well, for me) to get into it, and the women and their stories are plain straight-up and quirky, so dang real, they have a familiar and unique perspective, and I love it all. :) I'll stop gushing now. Haha.

But really, you should try reading one of her books. There are different subjects mostly including social justice, serving the least of these, and good, thought-provoking stuff like that. So, high-tail it over to your library.
Who is your favorite author?

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