Monday, January 2, 2012

a few random things from today.

dark chocolate covered caramel squares.

breakfast blend coffee. brewed fresh. in the afternoon.

francesca battistelli.

stack of library books.

pictures to import and go through.

a surprise visit from justin and his younger sister, jacklyn. 

the best new year's weekend ever.
hands down.


LeAnna said...

Love your pretty and fresh header. Also love all the cuteness in this post. :)

chambanachik said...

I'm glad you got to see him! :)

Christina said...

And I do love your new header too!

The Freckled Fawn said...

does the best new years ever have anything to do with a certain man? hmmm...

Natalie said...

That sounds like an awesome surprise and holiday weekend! And you can never go wrong with coffee and caramels. At least not in my book!

ginanorma said...

OH so love filled Beka! I can feel it and see it! Thanks for sharing all these darling pics!

Whitney said...

Aw cute pics of you and the bf =)

charla beth said...

so many happy, wonderful things in this post. <3