Friday, March 9, 2012

last week, we were doing this . . .

and it was snowing like no tomorrow.
crazy to think that. it was a week ago. weird.

it was after breakfast with the bride [heather] and a few friends.....i made anna, mom, and i some chai. [the packet mixes by that oregon brand. mmm.]
anna did the flowers. i helped a wee bit. like that floral tape stuff. then i brushed the snow off anna's car, prepping for the drive. f.u.n.
see? snow. it was stunning.
though slightly dangerous.
we did reception set up with the bride's younger sisters, steph and michaela. :)
she drove, i put her cell on speaker for communication, and we enjoyed more time in the car on snowy roads on the way to the church to rehearse . . .
this was friday night.

this was the wedding day. pictures courtesy of the bride's mother's phone. ;)
i cannot wait to see the pictures done by him and her. goodness gracious.
i can't believe they've been married nearly a week . . . ahhh, time. :P :)


Natalie said...

Both you, the bride, and party looked great! =)

ginanorma said...

she was a beautiful bride!

i know can you believe this up and down weather! suppose to be 60's this weekend in minneapolis....

XO hope you have a good weekend, and I love the pics of the snow hon, really pretty!

chambanachik said...