Monday, March 19, 2012

yeah. hair.

buzzcut beauty.
going all the way.
the comments are placing fingers on the reminders and reasons why i love having short hair and why i haven't missed long hair all that much. besides the length and softness and having something more to play with and be stereotypically feminine and sensual.
this comment [on the first post] especially hits the mark with my thoughts:
I love cutting my hair short. I just feel more me when I do...[when i first did it,] it felt great but I felt kind of like I should let it grow out, so I could be “girly” in the right way, even though I have never really felt that that fits me. Now, I cut it all off again, and it’s great. It definitely makes me feel more confident, and I like the fact that it’s clearly a chosen haircut, not just like a default long one. ...It seems really freeing.
...Short hair always makes me feel more feminine, and long hair always makes me feel like my hair is wearing me, not the other way around. It’s nice to be able to cut it off.
i'm also thinking the same thing as this lady commented: "I am giving it till [fill in the blank with a month] to see if I like it at shoulder length, but otherwise back to the scissors!"

now back to my coffee, this rainy-turned-sunny day, thinking about what to make for dinner, and some other super fun stuff [sarcasm....ahem....].


Alyssa Lentsch said...

On that topic, last week while going through some old posts on my blog, I ran across the guest post you did for me. Your hair was long and I did a double take. It just seemed weird. So yes, as if my opinion is the only one that matters, ever, I like your hair shorter. It suits you well, I think

ladaisi said...

I love it that you know this about yourself and are now comfortable with it.

It took me years to acknowledge the fact that I am a long-haired hippied, will always need my hair to be long and straight, and cannot have bangs. Now that I've accepted it, my life is somewhat easier.