Tuesday, March 6, 2012

a perfect chai.

with every sip of this tazo chai [steeped with honey and cream], there's the feeling of the spices registering at the back of my tongue.
perfect chai, i'd say.
it's weird to say --ahem, it's kind of more of an admittance, a confession-- but i have become addicted to chai over the past couple days.
i've drank more cups of chai than coffee today.
is something going wrong with the world? :P hah.
by the way, the gorgeous photos are taken with rach's cute little lens she special ordered off amazon last month. i love the focus and bokeh it has. mmmmm:)

this is just beautiful:

   today i wish for my valentine,
   peace, and a healing heart
   for his burden to be lightened
   and his hand in mine in the dark.

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caleb: "so, when is justin coming home from work?"
me: "he's still sleeping."
caleb: "oh. is this one of those days that he's gotta wake up at 3?"
me: "no, one."
caleb: "ahhh, so you're going to stay up till one."
i give him a look.
caleb: "wow. she is."
ben: "you're.....a hardcore girlfriend."
i smile and keep putting together a blog post. ;)


ladaisi said...

OH NO BEKA WHAT'S GOT INTO YOU? You've crossed over to the dark side! More Chai than Coffee? NOOOOOO!!

... I kind of like it too. It's a good first of spring kind of drink.

Opal & Rouge said...

................I'm giggling to myself..........

Opal & Rouge said...

This is totally immature of me to say....
But, to prove I wasn't a robot I had to write "justnbutz" lol. I laugh