Saturday, March 3, 2012

so today i was in a wedding . . .

this is what it looked like on the way to the church.
last night on the way to and from the rehearsal, it was pretty downright dangerous.
blizzard...white-out...lovely conditions. oy.

this is anna, me, michaela and purity on our way to the church to get ready around 9-9:30, but of course --first of all-- stopping at stone creek coffee to pick up a spicy chai for the bride and assorted coffees for the rest of us. :)

the lovely bride, heather, and us.
i do believe i was the last to get ready. heh. easy process. that's how i roll.

glue for my hair, and other supplies.
like that tube of lipstick and large americano i ordered... ;)
the groom, derek, had a basket of a few sweet things and a note sent to our ladies room for her.
...writing a note in return. :)
finishing off that americano...
and yes...because our "ladies room" for hair and getting ready was the church's preschool room, here we go.
cute little rhinoceros.
and i just spelled rhinoceros right. the first time ever typing it.
one of rach's first captures.

we walked the aisle a little after 12 noon.

another by rach.

and a couple more.
like the kiss. if you see our [bridesmaid] faces, we all seem quite happy that they're finally kissing. heheh.
ryan, one of the bride's younger brothers.
michael, ben, caleb, and ryan.
obviously having a lot of fun at the reception.
casey and steph, over on the other side.
the cutie responsible for most of the shots here on. :)
yes, you're welcome, rach. i love you, sister. ;)

that lady in the scarf? is this lady.
and her brother [robert] was the main photographer for this lovely event.

mom and dad. ♥

me and dad: at the reception.
yay for stylish black sweater/wrap things borrowed from sisters. hehe:)

siblings [the far left and the far right] and their significant others. i thought it was cute. ;)
chai tea with the tea bags and mug that heath and steph gave me for my birthday.
lyddie took these pictures as i blogged most of this......and she laughed. the camera was on the sports setting, and she got how many frames of me taking a sip. rach says she's going to make a gif and post it. hah.'s time to finish off this blogpost.
because some people are waiting to see it...because they weren't there. ;) :P


chambanachik said...

You look beautiful! :)

Natalie said...

Aww! What a sweet and beautiful wedding =)

Whitney said...

What a beautiful wedding, everyone looks so happy! And I love that it was so snowy white out!

Opal & Rouge said...

I think that I may have adopted rach, in my mind, as the little sister I never had. Shes just funny...