Monday, March 12, 2012

rainy days and talking to jesus.

it's a very dreary day.
rainy. but warm. so i'm thankful for that.
danny's been sitting on my lap, playing with duplos and making towers and swords for the past 20 minutes.

we listened to manic drive's dance floor...owl city's vanilla twilight...some songs by katie herzig...
then he slid off my lap to stand up, with an announcement. "i'm going to talk to jesus. over by the bathroom. my gramma says jesus isn't in the bathroom." a sad face.
"don't worry, bud. jesus is everywhere. the kitchen, your bedroom, outside, in the bathroom. you can talk to him anywhere."
he walked off...i wish i would've followed him to listen to the mumbling i heard from way over here.
a moment later he was back. "i talked to jesus for a little bit. i'm back now."
and then he attempted a dinosaur puzzle.
it has tiny pieces, so we're now onto a cars themed puzzle with larger pieces. :)

and fyi, that one car --finn-- his mustache is not a mustache. it's a heater, according to the the little boy helping me with this. he's correct, and i was wrong. hahah. ;)


LeAnna said...

You tell that sweet Danny boy that I've cried many a tear in the bathroom, and Jesus is indeed there.

That is the most precious thing, ever.

Brit said...

Such a sweet conversation. I agree with LeAnna, I too have cried many a tears in the bathroom & have felt Jesus in those moments. You gave him great advice.

Natalie said...

"i talked to jesus for a little bit. i'm back now." That is too sweet =D Love the new blog banner too!

ladaisi said...

Oh my he is adorable!