Monday, August 23, 2010

hey, you. *big smile*

Well, well, well.
If I do say so, I quite miss blogging.
And all of . . . well, whoever reads this.
So today I called Mr. Will, our friendly computer fixer. He said he put it together, with the inverter (not the mis-aforenamed interceptor or whatever I called it) and then he said something including the words display, damaged, and a whole week to even order a piece for something else not working correctly.
So tomorrow's a month since my laptop and the highly unfortunate incident.
It was . . . kind of hard to hear that; I mean, it would be one thing if it was one simple thing that just took a long time. But several things, unexpected??
Though I guess that's what life is full of, isn't it?
But I haven't been keeping track all this while; I just looked yesterday at the calender.
Most of this time, I've been enjoying vacation...the below is not all we did, just to add a note. ;)
and unpacking and doing a bit of laundry and cleaning the house and having splendid-wonderful times with friends
Ray, Anna, me, and Brookie
and some lovely ahem computer times with the home desktop and transfering from the dinosaur to the new one that we picked up last Monday. I'm quite adjusted to Windows 7, or what I know of it anyhow.
Meanwhile, this summer, Ben's been cultivating the garden and we've been getting some huge suckers. Such as this. Hehe. I believe some he planted are heirloom variety.
I've finally been reading The Heart Mender, which I had the funny pleasure of winning on one of Abbie's blog giveaways. I started it while on the vacation, and I'm about....75% through it. Loving it, too. Though his writing took a bit to get used to, and I sometimes find myself correcting his punctuation or phrasing once in an orange moon (hahaa), it's good.

And a bit of awful news--Wednesday, the younger sisters had a sort of stomach bug in the early morning hours. We never suspected it until Friday night when Anna and I had the same. Saturday and Sunday both Dad and Caleb had the joy of struggling with nausea, and over the weekend we heard that Ray and Brooke got the same. (they left our house Thursday afternoon)
But we're all well on the mend now, thank God.
I couldn't resist posting this. Going through picture folders and compiling some from Mom's camera and, that looks good.
Oh man, I've been stuck in a rut of British-like talk. At least, in my head. And this weird sentence structuring... me sorry.
Today we went and saw Nanny McPhee Returns. I absolutely loved the ending. Not to say I didn't enjoy the stuff preceding it, but the ending was my favorite. :)

It really stinks--my camera is lost at the moment.......dangit.
Sorry. 'Tis a random fact. But there's quite a few pictures on it that have yet to be loaded into a computer...

The picture above reminds me of the ones Anna made this morning.
Actually, the ones she made were a culinary explosion.
In the best way possible.
Caramel bits and pecan pieces were scattered on top while they cooked on the griddle in butter. Not too much butter. Just enough.
And it was good.
See, breakfast was extra special.
It was just siblings. Well, and Grammy dear:)
Yesterday evening, Dad and Mom went up north a wee ways for a night at a b&b--an anytime gift from their 25th anniversary. :)
So we maybe had fun.
Not like we never do, but it was funky to have two less people in the house.
We made chocolate pudding at, um, er, sometime after 10pm. With raspberries on top.
We watched Sherlock Holmes, but I daresay I didn't much like it at all really.
Then, to calm down with something not so masony...
We watched Ice Castles.
It was good.
I could've written half the movie, but oh well.

I shall say goodnight now.
I could go for a while of this right now: late summer day.....
I dunno. Having to sit in a computer chair does things to ya.
I feel for all those cubicle workers. :P
Goodnight, y'all.
Er.....Goodmorning, to most of you. :)
Dang, I've missed this. What, I do and don't know.... writing. Yep. Writing. Here.


{Amy} said...

glad you are back beka!

Jennifer said...

Lol! I just love how random you are! Welcome back!

LeAnna said...

It sure stinks when technology doesn't work right! Hope your next week goes by quickly. Love that last pic!

hfaithe85 said...

Oh, so glad you all are feeling better. And yea to sibling nights!! :D :D

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

That last photo is BEAUTIFUL! Ugh to computer problems. Sad your computer is lost. Can you make me some pancakes? Stomach bug is THE worst. And, YAY for vacations!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

I MEANT sad your camera is lost. :)

Christina said...

You're been missed!
I am glad you are all feeling better now! Those kinds of stomach bugs are horrible.

I feel like I have to read children's fiction with a british accent in my head. It's because of The Chronicles of Narnia and other books I have read based in England! haha. Fiction=British, I'm telling you!

I am sorry about your laptop. Mine is not working for a couple weeks now. :( But I don't have a lot of people in the house that I have to share the PC with, so I am ok!

Chana said...

YEA! I'm so happy to see you back, well sorta back. I'm super bummed about your laptop, so sorry girl!! But you will be back and running in no time and we will be here waiting:)