Friday, August 27, 2010

want to, want to...

I really want to paint a poem.
{I've got things to do, music to print. Dangit.}
I really love music by Jars of Clay.
{Two Hands is playing right now. It's on my blog music playlist.}
Scratch the fact that fall is almost here.
{Although some leaves are golden or edged with orange, it was 80 today.}

I finished The Heart Mender.
{I really, really, really liked it.}

I'm working on finishing Love Mercy.
{It's amazing. Stirs up a compassion for humanity. Oh, to be Jesus' hands of Love --not just voice-- to those 'others'.}
In June, we put a paintbrush in her hands... and poured acrylics of different shades on a pallette. :)

It was really cool to see what techniques she seemed to try to remember. Leaning the brush this way and that, different strokes.
It turned out quite abstract, but lovely.
You can see the difference between my paintings and hers on the wall.... hers, much more refined.
She painted with oils (it's been since the late 1980's, I believe), and I paint with acrylics.
Though sometimes I wonder what it would be like to paint with oils.... :) Harder to clean up, that I know. Heheh.
Random note: I made potato-broccoli curry today. It was all eaten within 4 hours, the whole pot of it. I'm decent at cooking. I've worked my way up. ;)


hfaithe85 said...

You are very decent at cooking, dear. :)

Angie said...

Your background design is so fun! Mmmm! you know me...I love food. The soup sounds WONDeRFUL!

Christina said...

I really like Jars of Clay songs these days too. The Long Fall Back to Earth CD is great!(well, I don't have it but listen online :))

Valerie said...

The Heart Mender is an excellent read! I read it when it was Island of Saints. Cant decide which title is best. I'm going to read the Noticer next. have you read that one?