Thursday, August 5, 2010

chop suey, miracles, and farewell.

the day when a miracle happens always has to be when everyone's going out early in the day, snacking in the mid-morning, going on errands and mowing jobs in town, doesn't it?
i had lunch --chop suey-- nearly done at 11:40am. that is, in my book, the equivalent of a near-miracle. especially if it's just me throwing it together.
making chop suey really reminds me of making slop. both quite yummy, too.
just because it's so darn easy. open a few cans. dice an onion. cook meat/spinach.
bean sprouts. water chestnuts. diced onion. ground beef. soy sauce. rice. i mean, it's all lovely. :) soooo easy.
so easy, in fact, that i was able to go help coordinate ben's hanging of more canvases, and the spraying of the finish, and the rehanging.... dang, but i don't have a picture of it here right now. :(
i'm reading this book by tosca lee, and it's fascinating. really.
just because i won't be able to post anymore after tonight, until sometime after next week . . . . (our vacation up north with justin and sarah and eliyah, sunday to saturday--and by my next post, i'll have my laptop, prayerfully! yay!) . . . . here's a sneak peek at a rather large canvas that i find actually quite adorable.
'tis a new idea, how i painted it.
well, a new idea for me.
and it's a pretty lovely poem.
one i actually posted last december, randomly. :) what a hint that was! now you can go back in my archives --if you're daring enough-- and see what i'm talking about!! darn! hehe
inspired by looking at house beautiful mags from the library. ;)

so.....this is adieu. Until the week after this next.
and just know that God is good, and walnuts and Ghirardelli chocolate is really good together, and there is indeed a recipe coming up with tons of pictures like this......... :)
and farewell.

p.s. go check out my blog giveaway! :) oh, and please feel free to go back into posts unread and comment like crazy so i can check my email and see y'all's sweetness.


{Amy} said...

beka- i think the painting looks very cool, the sneak peek anyway! :) have a great trip and enjoy your time away!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Oh, sad about your laptop!

Jen said...

I saw your 'farewell' and was worried that my new friend was closing her blog. So glad to see it's temporary. I saw a Siri Mitchell book at the airport and snagged it after seeing your recommends for her. Hope your screen is like new, soon!