Tuesday, August 3, 2010

shattered screens and wonderful stuff like that.

'Kay, so I've really missed blogging my own pictures.
So, for sanity's sake, I put up with a sanity-risker of a jump: downloading my camera into one of the slowest existing desktops in the midwest. What a dinosaur. (well, not really, but this thing barely has 1 --or even half-- single gig of RAM!! urgh!!)
For the record, in my opinion, this book was my least favorite of Siri's writings.
Heck, if might be one of your favorites, like Heather dear, but me? Sorry.
Of course, her books published by Harrison House happen to be her best. I'm trying to figure out what pushed her into Bethany House publishers, and if they shoved her into a contract, molding her into what would sell the best. Etcetera, etcetera. Dangit.
And because I have the pictures at hand, I decided to show you the booboo. The actual visible crack is in the bottom right corner.
Ow. Ow. Ow.
Now, beware. These are all sooc, as I couldn't get Photoscape to work. Someone must've deleted it, and I've not the patience for downloading it anew.
And yes, the Puritan/period writing of the last few Siri books has influenced my writing a wee bit.
This is the book I read before Love's Pursuit. Set in the 14-1500's. The courtiers and the queen and such. Fascinating.
This thing! It's a freak of nature, and we never see them around here.
Weird, I know.
But I said ew and snapped the picture anyways.
And it was big.
Ew. *shudder*
Though, I have to say that this wasn't quite as gross as what we encountered with Heather today.
Anna, Heath, and I were on an innocent walk along our street in this sneaky early-August humidity, and suddenly, there's this weird high pitched sound --very abnormal, considering we're used to the buzz of freakin' cicadas by now-- and Heather stumbled, trying to not step on it, whatever it was. We looked back. The thing was saved. Not squished. But guess what it was? Hyper cicadas. Mating.

Let's switch subjects. Because, I mean, we walked away and I said gross and icky for about 5 minutes after that. It soooo does not need anything further said.
So. The funny thing? 
Anna, Rach, and I had been observing the caterpillar's progress up the fence from inside. In the kitchen. In the a/c comfort. We could actually see the thing from way inside out house. Bright and big, that's what.
So I remarked on that. How weird it was that we could see this big caterpillar from inside.
"I can't understand why you're so fascinated by that thing. I mean, I'd stare too --if it was a guy climbing the fence!"
I laughed.
That'll be all for now, but please remember: click on this and enter my blog giveaway!
I'm totally loving everyone's different stories, words, reasons...... so, keep them coming!
Above all other house/interior-deco mags, I heart House Beautiful. Not as expensive as Architectural Digest, and not as cluttered as Old House Interiors, but still sophisticated without being unattainable. :)

Hope y'all have a lovely Tuesday night/whenever this is when you read this.
Anna's got her mind set on watching Bright Star, so I think I'll run upstairs and finish reading She Walks In Beauty (siri mitchell, once again) . . . . Now, if she were watching The Young Victoria, that would be a much different story. ;) Gosh, that one's good.


Chana said...

YEA! Your real pics are back:) I'm so happy things are coming along for your laptop recovery! That bug almost made me faint! YIKES! So gross!

carlotta said...

so sorry about your laptop! a few years ago, my little sister broke my mom's laptop screen as well...

hope you get it fixed soon!