Wednesday, August 25, 2010

thoughts. and oddities like coffee. ;)

Hello, dears.
The lovely Amy was having a link-up. Hopefully it's still open...looks like it is.
And you know what?
Coincidence has it that I just took coffee pictures yesterday.
I know you're all laughing right now, considering I'm like . . . the queen of coffee.
But also considering the facts that my camera has been lost since . . . . Friday? And that I haven't made any coffee since Friday (wow, those are weird coinciding facts there) because of Friday night's stomach bug...
I used Mom's nice Canon.
And except for a few focus issues in a few shots that I didn't notice until I loaded them into the computer, they're quite lovely. I mean, if I do say so myself. 'Tis a heavy camera. It's very different from mine.
Okay, so I broke out the caramel and pecans I told you about last time, the stuff you put on pancakes to convince the world to have peace and harmony and . . . perfect pancakes. :)
Okay, so this might not be too fair to some of you, if you're on a diet or are plain old restricted from certain stuff. (wince)
So. If we were having coffee together, as Amy puts it.... well, let's sit down.
Okay, I feel a little funny, considering some of my family reads this, and I'm sitting down with cyber friends to chat over coffee. Ahem.
Well, I'd tell you....
~That when I stepped outside this morning to visit Anna while she was nannying next door, it was chilly. I mean, you can almost smell the beginning of fall.
It's really nice, but then not.
It means time if going by.
I'm thrilled and sad thinking on that fact.
It's scary and yet . . . that's just what it is. Time is time.
Sorry to ramble.
~That I'm nearly finished with reading The Heart Mender, and after that I have to finish Love Mercy and after that I have Resurrection In May (another relatively new one by Lisa) to read . . .
~How've you been lately?
~Paint is just wonderful. Acrylic's my favorite, but I'm not practiced or too good at dealing with the colors red or green. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's because either/both of those colors are used during Christmas time, signifying the end of another year. Good, though potentially momentarily melancholy-inducing.

~I really miss blogging. And the ease with which some posts come. This isn't one of those easy ones. It's taking 2 days. Urgh.
~Mmmmm, how do you take your coffee? Say, at home or buying at a shop? And which place is your fav to buy it? Starbuck, Caribou, some random independent place?? Talk to me:)

~I'm thanking God for my blog playlist of music. Because my laptop's still in the fixer's and I'm using the computer the whole entire universe does and my laptop was just way cooler (laugh) and had a ton more newer/interesting music on it plus all my info for passwords and such to things that I just don't use every day. (i.e.: facebook, email)
So, although the music won't change until I get my baby back, I can enjoy music that's not in this home desktop... which is nice. Very nice.

~We didn't sing at the nursing home today because they mis-scheduled something and already had a Father (or do you call them a priest??) in the slot for speaking.
~Life can be just fascinating living with your grandmother.
I mean, really? Really? Just ask me. I can tell you something funny, something bittersweet, something that happens randomly.
Because let me tell you, life is random with Gram.
And just lately I've been seeing that this time is really precious; Donna, a friend from church, her mom passed on the other day.
Grammy is far from perfect...and she can speak a blue streak sometimes...but she can be so dang polite it's almost funny, the contrast. And she calls things like they are. And she just takes me for whatever I am. In one moment, I could be her most unfavorite person in the world, but ten minutes or an hour later if/when she's apologizing, she can be sweet and she's one of those people who don't force you into a mold of who/what they think you should be. Though she has told me I should and could be a masseuse (that's the word she used; I googled it, and thought about calling it by another name: massage therapy) or nurse. Heh heh.
~I can't believe the county fair is next week. It's crazy.
And, because Anna's wanting to have a wee bit of computer time, I'm finishing this off.
I can't wait to catch up on posting the paintings here that I've done since.....whenever my last "artistic endeavor" was last posted.

p.s. Don't forget to check out and enter my blog giveaway! I'm going to be doing it soon! Like, finalizing it! ;)


cristina said...

hi, visiting through Virtual Coffee, the music playing on your blog makes me want to hang out here all day long, lol

hfaithe85 said...

Not that I'm telling you something you don't know, but my absolute favorite place to buy coffee is Starbucks. My summer drink is an iced caramel macchiato w/two shots of expresso. And when the snow flies, dark roast w/a slash of milk. I'm not really complicated when it comes to my coffee. Now about everything else...;D ;D

{Amy} said...

yay! so glad you linked up, i'm excited to visit everyone today! love the mug and think i just bought the same ones at target-?-and i'm actually thinking of painting my kitchen that color now!

LeAnna said...

You know how I like my coffee. I've abandoned those nasty chemical creamers (ever tried coconut milk creamer?) - but this summer my love has been iced coffee. Strong brewed coffee + chocolate + organic coffee flavor (just cause) + milk + ice = lovely.