Thursday, September 16, 2010

a catch-up on my 'lately': sheets, color, coffee.

So after reading and commenting on some stuff, I'm like really really really jealous of all you who've been able to blog more than once a week.
I've been horrible.
Things have been busy, there's only time for email and facebook most times (what? this is a shared computer. with the whole universe), and these past few days I've been really missing my laptop.
Ah! But today the fabric for the redoing of my wingback --a Ralph Lauren sheet I got on ebay-- came today! So that's something I'll start next week.
It looks like gray. ^^ It's got a subtle hint of blue to the shade you might not see here. It was overcast today and this was the best quick shot I could get. Sorry. But it's a lovely gentle damask print--I love it! :)
I've got laundry to do and dinner to make (maybe broccoli potato curry?) and clothes to pack.
Tomorrow, Anna and I go down south to visit Jen and PJ and their family until Monday.
It's going to be so good.
And I hear that Jen's fiancee, Craig, loves coffee.
This is good news.
;) Means we'll get along, all of us, just fine.
Oh, and I almost forgot.
I put highlights in my hair on Monday.
Quite randomly. But not random.

Anna liked it better than I did at first. That's how freaked out I was. I've never done red before.......methinks I like brunette better?
Red is just way too unpredictable to handle by yourself. Heh heh. :) 
Oh gosh. Went somewhere yesterday with Heather and Anna, that yielded several totally beautiful shots...
Not saying where, just that we had a good time.
We discussed the Bible study we're doing nowadays, and talked about life as it's been in the past few days. . . . Heather sipped a tiny daily brew, I sipped a huge bold pick of the day, and Anna had a hot apple cider. Makes me want one right now. :)
They wanted to take picture in front of the place, and I told them I felt like a tourist or something. Even though I wasn't, of course. What the heck, we're barely 30 minutes from our house and me and coffee are not strangers.
After Heather left, I may or may not have gotten a slice of marble pound cake and an americano -- in Stephanie's stead, of course. ;)
The size of cup was called large.
I asked for a small.
Their brains are whack about sizing and names, I tell ya!
But, the sweet older lady who ran the espresso machine called me honey and talked about humming (which i was doing), so that made up for it. Hah.

And since this is about all I have time for, arrivederci 'til next week. Sometime.

p.s. (just got back from a long evening walk with Anna, and now we're watching Letters to Juliet. Very cute movie, though a bit too sappy at the end for me:)
A positively lovely surprise....
Earlier today, Mom, ever the sneaky one (ha) took 3 of my coffee-themed canvases up to the lady who owns this cute lunch-type cafe in town, along with a co-op catalog. Psh.
Mom asked her if she was interested in local art.
The lady loved the paintings, and has a space of wall to hang some on . . . as soon as I can paint some copies; I don't sell prototypes. :)
Ack! So exciting:)


hfaithe85 said...

It was so much fun. Starbucks is the perfect place for awesome girl times. :)

LeAnna said...

Absolutely LOVE your red hi-lights! Did you use a home kit? They look awesome and perfect for fall. I can't wait to get mine redone after Sprig gets here. Have a great weekend, and don't feel bad for not blogging more than once a week. I can hardly keep up with mine anymore.

Jen said...

I agree--the highlights look great to me! Sounds like a perfect day--new 'do, friends, coffee. :) And congrats on the art pieces. That is wonderful! Go, Mom. :)

Natalie said...

Hello! I found your blog through Abbie's. I love how you talk about coffee so much! {It's a passion of mine.} Hope your laptop gets fixed soon! Blessings!