Thursday, September 2, 2010

quick little thang

Okay, so I think I may be in the mood to paint.
Mom and the younger half of us kids went to the fair for a while.
Ben's chilling, Gram's taking a nap, and we all had yummy French toast for lunch.

Maybe a poem. Like I was talking about the other day when I had "so much to do"....
But first, a post by one of the most wonderful ladies. This is random of me to click and read a post someone else I follow linked to. It's just random questions and her answers. But I love how she goes about it, so real, so it is what it is without seeming bored. :)
Today, I woke up late. Showered, had two whole cups of good and hot coffee (little dribble of milk), washed some dishes, listened to some music, and headed out to the workshop to practice music with the brothers and Mom.
Tomorrow, we play/sing at the fair, on a rather small, randomly placed stage. So. We're been practicing around 8 songs every day since Saturday; ones we've done at church and whatever in the last year or so.
I'm looking forward to it. Especially if the newspaper's weather section is right; it'll be highs of early-70's temps. Ohhh yeah. That's pretty awesome. Other years, it's like 80 and sometimes muggy. Thank goodness that the stage and benches are under a tent.
The other day, Anna and I made peach cobbler.
I had to post a few of the process, as I was peeling, coring and slicing the beauties.
Anna mixed it up while I printed off some more music....
Then, I got lazy and snapped this one where the pan sat.
Okay, enough of peaches and sweets and . . . . I need to go paint, if I'm planning on it.
Search for a shortish poem officially started.
I'm looking forward to reading more of Resurrection in May, by Lisa Samson... I'm nearly 80% through it.
Zucchini muffins, ready for the oven :)
Hey! If any of you have suggestions, feel free to suggest. ;)
I'll be sure to think about painting it:)
Oh, and I'm planning on drawing and sending off my blog giveaway next week, after Monday sometime, so walk on over there and see if you want to participate. I'd love to hear from you. Really. And for the record, it's a bag of coffee and maybe a scone that's on the line.
Talk about vague and unsure.
Psh, no way. ;)


hfaithe85 said...

Sounds like a lovely morning, dear. And that cobbler??? Looks absolutely heavenly and my mouth is watering. I could go for some comfort food right now. Welcome back to the coffee drinking world, love!!! :)

Cassandra said...

Seriously, where do you find the time to do all this cooking?!

And... that is a whole lotta tasty looking peaches my friend. Mmmmm.

Christina said...

The singing with family sounds fun. I also have done some of that in church. I play guitar(not expert at alllll), my dad plays well, I used to help lead worship music. :)

MmmmMmm that cobbler looks good! Hope you find a poem you like.

cristina said...

I would love some of that cobbler, yup! It loks so delicious. I'm not a baker, or a cook really, so I envy others that do it. said...

Wish I could join this morning with you. It seems so lovely.


Hannah Katy