Saturday, September 4, 2010

hmmm. what kind of title???

I've been figuring it's time I sit down and just . . . contemplate in words.
For me.
Just to write.
Lately (in part because this computer is not mine--it's shared by the whole household) I've only "had time" to write and post write explaining things I've done, not things I've been thinking about or anything.
Well, besides my excitement at Fall and my fear of winter and time flying. :)
So I've decided not to read any blogs until after I've written this.
That'll be hard. A test of self-control.
But. Way back when, I promised to make up for all the talk of only sugar, flour, and other edible substances. Yummy, very good, but not all there is to life, we would hope.

Here's a few books I've been reading in the past couple weeks.
I've been reading a lot lately.
...So there, from top to bottom, you've got my Bible with the duct-tape on the spine.
...The new composition notebook journal I started last night, because I finished the last one in a new record of a month and 2 days.
...Bird by Bird: Anne Lamott. I got this at the fair's book sale for .50 cents. For real. And it's in pretty darn lovely shape, too. Way better than the $1.50 copy Anna found at a garage sale for me a few months ago. (funny thing; Anna found this copy, too. of course, I was just milling around and she was actually looking)
...Resurrection in May. By Lisa Samson. Wow. It was s good. I'm buying it asap, but then she's one of my favorite authors. I really recommend it. And I'm zipping my lips now, because I'd rather you see an official summary than me telling you details you shouldn't know until you're reading it.
It's a pet peeve of mine. If Anna (or someone) reads a book before me that I also want to read, and she starts going on about different things in it, my desire to read it will completely go away.
...You say more than you think: Janine Driver. I read the first half of this yesterday when I was supposed to be napping. Oh well. I wasn't necessarily worse for the wear and no nap. But that goes to show you that this non-fiction book on body language is so darn fascinating.
...Stolen Childhood is the small-book story of Grandpa Nate, the retired cattle dealer we know. He was aroud 13 when him and his family were deported to the concentration camps. I have yet to read more than the first and second page as of yet, but I may get back to you on that.
...Love Mercy. I already mentioned this book in some of my last posts. Really good.
This is what I did in the kitchen before sitting down. We're throwing soup together for lunch.
Y'know, we've got the first few days of that time in the year that soup just sounds so good. Soup, any kind. There's tons of 'em out there. (laugh)

So last night I read more of Janine Driver's book.
But my brain and my eyes got tired of reading about all the different ways of reading and portraying body language.
So I picked up my Bible, staring at the cover.
Matthew 15. That's what came to mind randomly, and that's what I read.
Matthew 15:10-20 is enough to astound a person. It's so...true.

I mean, really? What I write right now about this, I don't want to come scraping out of my throat. I want it to come easy, like I'm writing in a journal or comfortably talking about this.
I've got things to say about life and adventure and movies like The Hurt Locker. But that has to be for another post. I've got stuff to iron, dishes to wash.
And just to be randomly real somewhat in the flesh, here's what I would look like if you knocked on the back door this morning. :)
And here's a sneak peek at a ton of things I have to show individually, once Mr. Will my computer fixer calls and tells me I can pick up my baby 'cause all's well.
See, this is cool, right? You get a view of how I've got them arranged in the big hall/starwell, huge thanks to Ben and his height. :)
That blue one's the newest. Well, besides the tiny coffee cup one...
The blue one's quote is from The Heart Mender. Just so ya know. That's a good book.
Ah, see here. I nearly deleted this one from the post, because these are secret ones. I mean, the wave was my first try and on black, I loved the contrast.
Oh well. Mini-unveiling. When I sent her a picture of it, my friend Hillary told me it reminded her of Genesis, in the beginning.
That was kinda cool.
Yeah, the stack of C.S. Lewis books is kinda for Anna...well, her books and unusual teacup posed for the painting, so there ya have it. She wants it someday, probably.
Mmmmmmm. I'm leaving you now; there's beef barley soup simmering away on the stove. It smells so. Good. (happy sigh) And the house is still quiet least for a little while.

p.s. just a reminder: my blog giveaway is coming to a very soon close... :)


feather said...

i'll be right over for some of that soup...!!!

Isabella Kiss said...

irresistible revolution= VERY good book. love shane claiborne. He is one of my favorites.

Yellow House said...

Just coming by to say hello! I haven't commented on blogs in a month! I have missed you!

Casey said...

Bekah, Anne Lamott wrote a book that changed my life, no kidding. "Operating instructions". It's all about her journey into motherhood & how sometimes you don't have all the answers & that's ok. I was a mother at 17yrs old, and her book really made a difference in my life. i think I'm going to read it again, since it's been 13 yrs since the last time ;)

teaworthy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Teaworthy! I'm thrilled to discover your lovely blog. Happy Sunday!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

You are lovely and true.