Tuesday, September 28, 2010

short post: good news.

Okay...so I might be kind of excited.
I got my laptop back from the fixer's today.
Praise be.
It's been 2 fulls months since it fractured. Wow.
It's nice. Weird, but nice to have it back. The keys clicking under my fingertips. The...well, the non-Windows 7 state of being... It's different. But it's my Dell. :) And the g key is funky. I need to try to properly clean it. Maybe get one of the boys to blow it out with the air pressure hose. Hah.
So... have a lovely Tuesday, and check this lady out. Her photography's amazing. Love it.
. . . And, since Blogger is being a somethin'-somethin', there is no picture tonight. Dang.

See you later! ...soon:)


Chana said...

Yeah! It's a magical thing having you back and running girl!

Christina said...


teaworthy said...

Hooray for repaired computers! Thanks for sharing this link. Tremendous!