Sunday, October 30, 2011

friends, dresses, and a rainy night.

remember how i announced that dear heather is now engaged to her derek?
well, i'm in the wedding.
i don't know if i mentioned that.

and tonight . . . the other bridesmaids/friends and anna and i went dress shopping with heather. :)
it only took an hour and a half for heather to find The Dress...happy day!

all the dresses are going to be in plum, the color of my dress.
gray shoes and pearl necklaces...mhmm:) lovely!!
steph, heather's younger sister, and i found our dresses right off.
pretty much first dress, first try-on.
the one.
only me and steph found our dresses tonight, and darnit if i'm not tempted to re-dye my hair come march with this color for the wedding....or maybe normal dark blonde would be best. :P who knows. it'll be on the end of our loooong winter, so i might just go with some lovely change and do the dark red again. after, ya know, december-february of my natural color....el oh el.

we need another one of these days.
october was really lovely . . . but november's going to be a very good month.


chambanachik said...

Beautiful! :) You look so snazzy!

Natalie said...

Lovin' the plum dresses =)

Anonymous said...

That's so fun you'll be in a wedding. It's so much fun! (I've only been in my sisters... sheesh more of my friends need to get married!)

charla beth said...

that dress is just perfect on you. <3

gina said...

WHAT a fun time! And I love your new hair color btw!!! It's so exciting to be a part of something so special...many fun and special memories ahead...

Anonymous said...

I love the first photo of the car side-mirror!!
Finding dresses for a wedding sounds like fun. I love the idea of the plum colored dresses and pearls.