Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a letter.

dear certain natural hair dye brand,
why don't you have a dark/ash blond that actually dyes right?
certain people in my life would prefer i go for more natural stuff...but this is not working. for me. at all. i've tried.
ya know, something that looks like my real color . . . ?
i don't want bright blonde and i didn't want to go back to brunette....
i give up.
run-of-the-mill, unnatural-as-heck, hair dye, here i come. :P
sincerely, a frustrated user.


Kelsey said...

REEEEDDDDD!!!!!!!!! Natural AND exciting!!

Felipe Neumann said...

Okay... I don't get why you're so mad about your hair.Either this picture is a figment of my imagination or you're totally crazy for not liking it. lol

Natalie said...

oh.. boy. yeah... that doesn't seem like a good dye to go with.

chambanachik said...

What kinds have you used before? Right now I use Revlon Colorsilk just because it's so dang cheap. I tried Garnier once, and my hair smelled horrible for weeks. :/

vintch said...

i think you hair looks fabulous:) i used sun-in one time when i was in middle school. as if middle school isn't awkward enough, it turned my hair orange. a tint that would not wash out. oh no, i had to wait for that puppy to GROW out. it was awful:) yours looks darling!

so happy to find your blog through my sweet friend charla beth. what a gorgeous sign you sent her in the mail! hope your week is off to a beautiful start:)