Saturday, October 29, 2011

my camera battery is dead.

isn't that sad?
but this afternoon is lovely.
well, it was --after i took an advil and slept off some freaking cramps.
i plan on chocolate, [the trader joe's dark chocolate covered caramel kind;] maybe anne of green gables, and to enjoy this gorgeous, peaceful sunset from this window because i want to stay warm.

oh, and this coffee.
it kinda helps.
it's all good, right? :)

this is me, thursday night, at the end of all the meeting and socializing and all that lovely stuff :)
and did i mention that i was called on to talk about my painting and photography [me and anna do it] business --spur of the moment-- to the more than 15 people that were there?
well, it helped that it was halfway through the night. therefore, i'd met a few people, warmed up,
isn't he awesome?

yay for red, right? :)
i quite like it.

oh, and on the note of anne of green gables, here's something super freaking sweet. totally might make you feel like a bucket of sap. let me know. hahahah.

To My Future Husband:

You’ll be my Gilbert Blythe.
You know what I love about that character in Anne of Gables? He was would always there to listen to her, faithful, always seek her out, continually infatuated with Anne, he never got discouraged, he periodically rescued her, sacrificed for her, waited for her, sometimes made her mad, and most importantly- he kept trying for her heart.
First, they were friends. He got to know her personality and understand her. He was in love with her since he first saw her, but Anne didn’t want to grow up and fall in love. For years, he was patient and persistent. He never gave up.
Please be that for me.

Your Anne of Green Gables

[did anyone go awwwwww? no? ok. nevermind then.]

i hope your nearly-end-of-october night is lovely :)
go get yourself some chocolate. or something.

Our culture runs on coffee and gasoline, the first often tasting like the second.
[Edward Abbey] true! i don't go for crappy brews though. different places have different reputations in my head. :P


chambanachik said...

I said aww. :) Love Anne of Green Gables.

And you're just too cute.

Natalie said...

That Anne of Green Gables quote is like the best of all time! =)

Paige's Page said...

I said awwww. I often tell my sisters stuff of the like, to which they laugh. But it made me smile. :)

Anonymous said...

Love Anne. Perfect movie to watch on a brisk fall afternoon with coffe!

charla beth said...

that "to my future husband" made my heart leap. <3 i definitely went "awww." :) i almost forgot about anne of green gables! you're inspiring me to pick up those books again.

i'm loving the red hair! you are so gosh darn pretty.